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If you are interested in joining Usagi's RPG Universe, please fill out the application in this forum in the Application thread.

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RPG Application

Postby KaranaRose » 2010-Feb-01 [Mon] 3:56 pm

To apply for a character in Usagi's RPG Universe, you must respond to the following:

1. Answer some questions about why you want a specific character.
2. Include two sample role play posts based on the situations provided. Be as detailed as possible. Show what your character is thinking. Describe the scene. Make the role play interesting to read while staying in character.
3. Include your contact email or user chat name and chat engine information, so we can easily contact you with our decision. This information should be posted at the top of your application.
Answer these questions about your character and role playing:

1. Why do you want to play as this character?
2. How much experience do you have role playing as this character or role playing in general?
3. How well do you know this character and the Sailor Moon universe?
4. How much time can you dedicate to the RPG? (how often can you post?)

Post two sample role play responses to the following situations:

1. The sailor senshi are battling an enemy (your choice of who). What are you doing and what will you do to help out the fight?
2. Everyone is out relaxing (you choosen the venue). What are you doing?
To get an idea of what an application entails, here is a sample submitted by a current role player. It has not been edited from its original version. If you are looking to improve on your application, consider including more of your character's thoughts in the sample role play responses you include with your application (this application would have been stronger with the additional details):

Sample Application for Tenoh Haruka

1. Why do you want to play as this character?

Honestly, I’ve always been fascinated by Haruka. She is definitely a complex character with layers. I adore the androgyny—it’s an interesting quality. When the scouts originally crossed paths with her it was difficult for them to determine if she was on the side of good or evil. I liked that about her. I love how she is an attractive tomboy who flirts with pretty girls! She is also . strong-willed, charming, athletic and isn’t afraid to be one of the boys. I find that to be one of her most admirable traits and also understandable because I find I have more guy friends than girls that treat me like one of them. Lol.
Haruka is also very loyal to those she loves *winks at Michiru & the other scouts*, and is a great leader for the outer senshi.

2. How much experience do you have role playing as this character?

I’ve role-played before, but never as a character quite like Haruka. I think I can bring depth to her character, while simultaneously keeping true to her nature. I think Haruka is one tough cookie, but her tenderness to Michiru is of upmost quality. The duality of her character keeps me on my toes when I watch her in the Japanese anime. I’ve watched the English versions, but they’ve skewed her character slightly by making her cousins with Michiru (though the US version is still very entertaining!) ^^

3. How well do you know this character and the Sailor Moon universe?

As I had mentioned earlier, Haruka is a very complex character. She is more than just the “lesbian senshi.” And I’m hoping to be able to demonstrate that during my RP. Yes, Haruka flirts with pretty girls (sometimes to Michiru’s discontent), but her heart belongs only to Michiru.
I will be the first to admit I don’t know every single detail about Haruka, but I am not afraid to do my research if I am unsure of how she is being portrayed by me. I do know her status among the outer senshi, her special moves, her personality (I think I’ve got that down pretty well ^^), and her love for cars and motorcycles.

As for the Sailor Moon universe, I’m pretty knowledgeable about it. I’ve watched both the Japanese and American versions and even Sailor Stars! I’ve been a fan of Sailor Moon since I was young and that love for the anime still remains strong! Yeah!!

4. How much time can you dedicate to the RPG? (how often can you post?)

I check my IMVU as if it were an e-mail, though I don’t always respond right away. My dedication to RPing here will be at least twice a week. Maybe 3 or 4 if I’m on a roll!

Post two sample role play responses to the following situations:

1. The sailor senshi are battling an enemy (your choice of who). What are you doing and what will you do to help out the fight?

**Just a note, I know that as a general rule of thumb, I’m not supposed to make other characters talk when I RP. I just wanted to give you an example of my writing style and set the mood for these particular scenes.**

During Sailor Moon S

Neptune and Uranus stand in the shadows watching as the inner senshi battle one of Eudial’s monsters. It looks like they need help. Neptune turns to Uranus. “They seem to be in trouble.”

Uranus nods. “Hm, what a pitiful bunch.”

Uranus watches as Sailor Moon is knocked down. “Let’s go,” Uranus says.

The enemy laughs standing over Sailor Moon. “Now to get rid of you, you wretched girl!”

A soft wind blows. “Why don’t we turn the tables abit.”
The enemy looks up seeing in plain sight, two additional Sailor Scouts.

“Enchanted by the New Age, here I am, Sailor Uranus, acting gorgeous!”

“ In the same way, enchanted by the New Age, here I am, Sailor Neptune, acting gracefully!”

Both women stand back to back and are ready for an attack.

Sailor Moon gasps. “Uranus! Neptune!”

The enemy scoffs and dashes towards Uranus and Neptune with a hard attack.
Uranus grunts as she jumps into the air, landing behind the enemy. With quick haste Uranus makes her move. “World…..”
Neptune nods in response and begins her own attack.

“…Shaking!” Uranus’ balled fist hits the ground with intensity. The ground shakes violently as the enemy is knocked into Neptune’s attack. The enemy moans in pain, but quickly recovers. “You’ll pay for that!”

Uranus looks to Sailor Moon. “That’s your cue!”

She nods in response and carries out her attack.

2. Everyone is out relaxing (your chosen venue). What are you doing?

Haruka and Michiru are walking downtown and pass by the Crown Fruit Parlor. Haruka sees a girl with long pigtails and a raven-haired girl in a shouting match from the window.

“That’s stupid! Why would you do that?”

Haruka and Michiru exchange knowing glances and grin. It was Usagi and Rei. They walk into the parlor and the bickering stopped almost instantly.

“Haruka-san!” Usagi exclaimed happily.

Haruka smiled gently just for her. “Ohayou Odango.”
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Re: RPG Application

Postby PrincessSerenity » 2011-Jun-14 [Tue] 4:54 pm

Please Note: Include an email or chat user name, so that we can contact you about our decision in regards to your application. This information should be included at the top of your application.

Currently, we are trying to locate the members Catsy and LuminaAngelus. If anyone knows who these users are, please let myself, TsukinoUsagi, SailorMoon, or AquaGirlLove know ASAP!
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