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Re: RPG Application

Postby PrincessSerenity » 2011-Jul-12 [Tue] 9:30 pm

Thanks, Broken, for posting your contact information! That helps a ton! We'll be contacting you about creating an account for the site. We should be starting episode 3 soon. :)
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Re: RPG Application

Postby Grendchan » 2011-Jul-24 [Sun] 8:35 pm application to join is still being reviewed, but just wanted to say hi.

I was invited here by a good friend, Serena (, however, it seems the role I wanted is gone already. ;.;

I guess I'll need to wait to see if another girl comes up.


Re: RPG Application

Postby Guest » 2011-Jul-24 [Sun] 11:23 pm

Dear friends...

I just thought I'd show my app for Hotaru as I was going to post for her. Understand that she is likely already taken, but at least you'll get to see my writing style. I can be contacted at :) Nice to meet you all.

Sample Application

1. Why do you want to play as this character?

Hotaru for me is probably one of the most 'human' of the senshi. (No offense to the others, I love them too. XD ) She so much represents the inner child in all of us, someone who feels the loneliness and sadness which can exist within one person, even within a crowd of people. Hotaru cares for people and is willing to sacrifice for those around her, but she has always been overlooked or even bullied because she's not a shouter or a can banger. She doesn't have anything she excels in - she's not the smartest, the strongest or the fastest. I can see so much of myself as a young girl in her, and I am sure that many others can as well. I honestly feel there is a bit of Hotaru-chan in all of us.

However, I also would like to say we all have a Saturn inside of us. The darker side that we try to hide from others, lest they turn from us in fright or disgust. As Billy Joel once said. "We all have a face that we hide away forever. And we take them out and Show ourselves, hen everyone has gone." So...Saturn represents that darker side and yet also the stronger person we all want to be. For this reason, I feel that Hotaru is quite possibly the most developed senshi of them all.

2. How much experience do you have role playing as this character?

I've done a great deal of roleplaying on groups and BBS board, both for Sailor Moon and for other animes. As Saturn, I've played (and do play) her on several yahoo/google rp groups, some in the canon storyline, sometimes in an alternative universe. However, either way, I usually keep her the same quiet girl..who only gets genki when she's with her closest friend. I've played her as such, off and on, for about 9 years now, and still enjoy dusting her off for new rps.

3. How well do you know this character and the Sailor Moon universe?

I know the anime and the manga of Sailor Moon fairly well, although my preference remains for the orginal manga. For me I just felt it portrayed the characters better with less 'filler' material added which just distracted from the stories. Again, just my opinion - don't hit me for it. *^^* For is an epic (and I do mean Epic) story of "Love struggling to exist in the midst of War", whether that love is one of a romantic nature or of friendship is irrelevant... "Don't you know that love is all. Love is where we all begin. And when we knock on heaven's door, only love will let us in." I think that is one of the main messages of this beautiful story. I love so many of the girls in so many ways, and particularly in the manga we get to see the little quirks each girl has. (including Hotaru's jealousy when Chibi Usa gets a new friend and Ami's psycho modes when study time approaches)

As for Tomoe Hotaru / Sailor Saturn, I can say I know her fairly well. Ofcourse, the manga / anime slightly alters a bit of what happens after the Sailor Moon S storyline, however, in the end I'd like to think her story - that of a girl with a broken past, given a new lease on life and happiness, remains no matter what. I prefer to portray Hotaru as living with her Mama Michiru, Papa Haruka and Mama Setsuna. I always find that grouping heartwarming, and love reading the manga where Haruka scolds her 'daughter' into getting ready to practice violin with her Mama. I hope that answers the question for the most part. *^^*

4. How much time can you dedicate to the RPG? (how often can you post?)

I can usually post twice a week... give or take some more time. If someone chases me with a rubber chicken on a messenger, it could even be more. I will do my best to respond as quickly as possible, however, I do have a job and a young daughter to raise, so I'd be lying if I said I could always make multiple posts each day. *^^*

Post two sample role play responses to the following situations:

1. The sailor senshi are battling an enemy (your choice of who). What are you doing and what will you do to help out the fight?

The Hoshino Retreat boasted the best facilities for sports, recreation and relaxation...however, their fliers mentioned NOTHING about mischevious youma attacks. In hindsight, it was probably better it didn't.

As the twin youma, Seigas and Sageis, burst out of the vending machines, screams filled the surrounding area. Soda pop spayed all over, soaking most people and furthermore blinding some, causing even more panic. The crowd hit into a new sense of pandemonium and lost all ability to think as a collective, save for the ability to unilateral scream and flee in scattered directions, their hands and legs shaking out in futile desperation.

Hotaru had been seated not too far away from the scene of this chaos. She was slowly nursing on her strawberry sundae, whilst Papa Haruka and Mama Michiru finished their tennis practice. Hotaru, who still hadn't quite gotten the hang of vigorous physical activity, felt that even watching the others work up a sweat in sports was a bit too streneous for her. So, on these weekend outings, she would sit outside and enjoy the summmer sun if she were able.

However, today, it seemed youma's were not in any mood to let her enjoy her sundae in peace and quiet. A series of cans popped out and jumped over towards her table, cracking open, and spritzing the young girl all over with the contents, leaving the quiet girl wet, sticky and annoyed - not necessarily in that order of intensity.

She soon heard other shouts coming from the nearby areas, signalling to her that her family had not been the only ones there at the retreat today.






All five voices combined then for one final... "MAKE UP!!!!!"

Hotaru sighed as she stood up dripping...Saturn bidding to get out as the fire inside her raged. Bad enough the youma had attacked innocent people, bad enough they may hurt her friends...

But her Papa had JUST bought this dress for her two days ago. TWO FREAKING DAYS AGO!

Payback time was coming...

Hotaru stumbled slowly into the hedge mage located just to the side of the refreshment area and went out of sight. A few seconds later, a muffled (but distinctly sighing) voice could be hurt to yell "Saturn Crystal Power, Make Up!"

Shortly there after, and just around the corner, the five Inner senshi had their hands full. The twin youma worked well together - and with complete synchronicity. Their teamwork rivalled even that of the inner senshi. Then again, to be fair, the senshi DID have Usagi on their team, and that always makes it harder for the senshi side.

As the five girls struggled to evade the various sprays of soda pop wave attacks and popcorn avalance blasts, they soon found themselves tiring, particularly as they couldn't seem to get a good bead on the creatures.

From behind the creature, one voice said. "Creatures of Darkness..those who prey on the weak and innocent...those who attack good for evil purposes..."

The senshi looked in the direction of the voice.

"Is that who I think it is?"

"Finally some help..."

Saturn's toneless and emotionless voice continued. "Those who would ruin a girl's new dress...right after she got it two days ago..and It so suited her hair....and.."

The inner senshi facefaulted.

"What the..."

"She worst than Usagi..."


"Maybe she's become infected by Usaginess."

"Hey...I'll have you all..."

Any further comments were cut off by Sailor Saturn shouting out "Silence Wall!", just as the creatures launched a new series of attacks, causing the toffee spray to coat both twins and causing them to be stuck to the spot.

"NOW SAILOR MOON!" Saturn shouted, "Attack!"


2. Everyone is out relaxing (your chosen venue). What are you doing?

Sliding forward....sliding back......sliding forward....sliding back....

The girl's soft eyes watched in demure interest and fascination as the waves of the sea moved in and out in a rythmic and almost hypnotic pattern.

"Mama Michiru was right..." Hotaru's soft voice whispered. "The water here is beautiful...."

Her eyes glittered, mostly due to the refracted reflection from the surface of the water, whist was being illuminated by the bright sun.

She found the ebb and the flow of the tide to be amazing and entrancing. As she watched her friends run and play in the water, Hotaru's eyes set upon the blonde with meatballs for hair. She wondered if Usagi, like herself, had ever marvelled at how powerful the moon was. From so far away, it could control the inflow and outflow of the waves. No matter what the human race did, that ebb and flow would always happen, and even though it did so in the most gentle of manners, it was unpredictably unstoppable and powerful. In time, it could erode mountains and change the very shape of land. Deceptively powerful and tough, with the gentleness and beauty unequalled.

So much like Sailor Moon was herself. The only one who could ever equal her would have been her daughter.

Hotaru's face went even softer, and her body relaxed, a smile breaking out uncontrollably upon her small face as her memories returned to her times with the pink haired girl.

Chibi Usa had taught Hotaru how to love and how to share. She had given Hotaru some of the greatest gifts anyone could ever give her, gifts money couldn't buy. Trust, friendship, loyalty, joy, yearning and gratitude - all of these had been bequeathed to her from the young princess of the future. She owed her so much...but would have to wait for much longer before she could help her again. However, she could at least help her mother and her mother's friends until then.

She smiled and thought about how much she has gained from becoming friends with Usagi and the others...and warmth spread through her body.

That was exactly when the volleyball beaned her on the face.

" ...sorry about that..." A familiar voice called out.

"Uuuusagggi! Watch where you throw it!"

"Geez..sorry...My aim was off...."

Hotaru sighed and then laughed softly and got up from her lawn chair to throw the ball back to the girls, and join in.


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