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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

PostPosted: 2012-May-11 [Fri] 11:14 pm
by BrokenGirlSmile
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Chibi Usa stayed quiet throughout the entire confrontation with the weird red headed lady. She could feel that Hotaru was growing more upset with every glance that the mysterious lady gave her.

"Its okay Hotaru-Chan we can go have fun now with Michiru! Come on cheer up!" Chibi Usa smiled as she gently bumped against Hotaru's hand.

"Where are we going today Miss. Michiru?" Chibi Usa asked after Hotaru had started to let her guard down little by little.

Everything just seemed so surreal she didn't know if Michiru knew her real identity or not but it felt great to hang out with members of the outer senshi she didn't know why but she always felt more at home around the outer than the inner scouts. Not that they didn't love her just as much or that they weren't as fun. The outer senshi just had a certain aura and understanding with them that made Chibi Usa feel more safe and at home whenever they were around.

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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

PostPosted: 2012-May-16 [Wed] 6:25 am
by grendachan
OOC: Darn..Hotaru missed the great meeting between Kaionite-san and Michiru-san. ;.; Is sad onna.

Hotaru looked at both Chibi Usa and then Michiru sadly. She was sure what they had done was out of kindness..but in the end, she had to go home. And she would definitely be punished for this act of insolence.

She softly took Chibi Usa's hand and tried to gain strength from it. "Well..she's...Papa's Chief Assistant..Kaionite-san. She handles most of the details and such for him. She's...not...really... a bad person.." she said..softly and nervously.

She looked at Michiru-san and tried to read her expression...she was so worried she'd be losing friends again....just like she had lost her others before. The thought of it brought a tear down her face, and she turned suddenly to conceal it. ~!ss

Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

PostPosted: 2012-May-23 [Wed] 3:31 pm
by DrakeAiden
After the chaos at the cash register, Jadeite took a break. "Crazy people," he muttered to himself as he went to the back. He was not feeling like himself today, something was off. No one appeared to care or notice. He could not put his finger as to why he was not feeling like himself. He closed the door to the restroom and walked over to the sink. He splashed some cold water on his face and looked at himself in the mirror, 'Maybe it is time for a change.... I think I will go with a light brown.'
Jadeite took out his phone from his pocket. He had several missed calls, probably from clients and he had a couple of text messages. He scrolled through the messages and a smile slowly creep across his face. He had a message from Minako asking if he was going to be able to attend the date tonight with her friends. Apparently she was in the salon during all of the craziness, he never even saw her, which made him feel sad for some unknown reason. 'What is it about that girl....' he thought, as he replied to her message.
The next message really got his motor running. Aiko had sent him photo of herself in some lovely black lingerie. A dark smile spread across his face. He hit her back:
My place. 30 mins.

Jadeite had the receptionist cancel the rest of his appointments for the day. He grabbed a light brown hair dye box and ran out the door with his fellow stylist glaring at him.


There was a knock at the door. The newly brunette Jadeite answered the door.
"Your late." he said grabbing her forcefully to his body, so she could feel that his member was eagerly ready and willing to go. He leaned in for a long, hard kiss.
"I have good reason to be late," Aiko said between kisses. "I have a surprise for you."
"Oh yeah, does it involve you, me, whip cream and handcuffs," he said slowly reaching down her blouse and squeezing her breast gently.
"Look behind me."
He did as he was told and saw a beautiful strawberry blonde.
'This is going to be one great afternoon' he thought has he roughly grabbed the strawberry blonde to him and closed the door.

After he said his goodbyes to his ladies and told them BOTH to return tomorrow around 10 pm. He took a quick nap and then shower. Picked out his outfit for the date. He told Minako, earlier, that he would meet her at 6. He jumped behind his new Porsche Carrera GT and headed to Minako's.


OCC: Jadeite's phone is password protected. ChibaMitsurugi1979, he did not leave his phone anywhere, I was just adding more details about his phone.

Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

PostPosted: 2012-May-24 [Thu] 10:14 am
by ChibaMitsurugi1979
From where Minako was sitting and waiting for Ryu, she suddenly saw him run out of the Salon after saying something she couldn't hear over the commotion and realized he must not have seen her thanks to all the other girls crowded within the place. She tried to fight her way through the crowd and catch him before he left, but by the time she got outside, she saw him speed off in his car.

'Shimatta!' She cursed to herself while frowning at having just missed catching her boyfriend. Having nothing to do now, she decided to head back home, stopping along the way to get herself a milkshake and some chocolate.

"Tadaima!" She called as she entered her and her mother's apartment. She went straight to her room and took a nap after finishing off her shake.

She awoke at 5:00, took a shower, and got dressed as she waited for Ryu to come calling for her.

OOC: Why is that important? Did he leave his phonce somewhere???

Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

PostPosted: 2012-Jun-18 [Mon] 2:26 am
by Empressnightstar
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Setsuna just stepped into her bedroom. She was wearing a white robe and searching her massive closet for something to wear for tonight's triple date. Which would be dinner at Te Tes (a Thai restaurant in Shibuya) and bowling at EST(a recreational temple/game center in Shibuya). She had arranged for Chibi-usa to spend the night with Haruka and Michiru, so she could enjoy her date without worrying too much about her.

From her closet, Setsuna chose a sleeveless zebra striped blouse and a pair of white carpi pants. Both were made from a fabric that would keep a person cool in the summer and not sweat too much from any physical activity. She also selected a pair of white sandals from Atomic Green, that were styled like butterflies. Once dressed she went to another closet and got her light pink bowling bag plus a pair of white bowling shoes. Setsuna sprayed some freshener inside her shoes before placing them in her bag. With her bag and purse in hand she left her penthouse and met Nao in his car. He was going to drive her to Shibuya Station and meet everyone there before heading to the restaurant.

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OCC: I have set up the location of the date since no one had specified where it would take place and have also have so everyone can begin the date. Also Te Tes and EST are real places in Shibuya. I googled them.

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PostPosted: 2012-Jun-28 [Thu] 9:20 pm
by Spynmaster
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Nao was looking through his own wardrobe for the proceeding multi-date that was in store for them. They hadn't had any real time together in a long time, and that was just far too long to not have his precious Setsuna in his arms, and vice-versa. He missed embracing her, caressing her, kissing her. She was the more perfect woman in the world to him.

He selected pure white shirt to wear that was pleated in the middle, along with tan khakis that were roomy and airy. He grabbed a pair of blue Mexican Blanket themed Pilica sandals. He took a travel bag and placed a pair of bowling shoes since there was to be such activities, adding freshener to them. After all of his preparation, he drove off to meet Setsuna at her place, stepping out to greet the woman. "It has been simply too long." he said, before embracing her and kissing those dark lips of hers, hugging firmly. He broke off only after a long period of making out. "This kiss will be a prelude to the evening before us. For now, we go to meet the others."

With that, he helped her to the car, driving themselves off to Shibuya.

OOC) Ryu-baka does not deserve the loveliness of Minako. >(