Episode 3: Crimson Couture

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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby jestryn » 2011-Nov-30 [Wed] 2:08 pm

OOC: I just want to apologize to everyone for taking sooooooooo long to reply and get involved. This semester has been quite gruesome and demanding. With the end in sight, I was able to catch up on the reading and am now able to post again. I will keep up on it this time. Thank's Spyn for subbing in for a little bit - Feel free to tweak Mamoru a little bit. I've been out of the RPG scene for a while, and my being unfamiliar with the Sailor Moon series puts me at a slight disadvantage.

Just so everyone knows, I'm going to sum up a bit of what Mamoru has been doing since before the time change. I will make sure to end this post within the current time change though.

PRIOR TO THE TIME CHANGE - Sunday, Setsuna's Parlor: Mamoru sat quietly on the couch with Usagi and the others. He appeared to be quite calm, but he was in fact irritated with the current situation. He could sense the awkwardness and tension coming from both the inner senshi and outer senshi. Despite the situation, Usagi's playful hand was on Mamoru's thigh. He figured it was probably just her way of dealing with the nervousness, and he didn't mind it so much anyway. It also kept him from being so tense.

"Let me get some refreshments for everyone," Setsuna says politely, "Why don't you help me, Hotaru?"

The two exit to the kitchen.

Usagi looked up at him. He could tell she could see the anger within him, even as much as he tried to hide it from her.

"I love you, Usako," he whispered.


Later Sunday Night: The girls had all gone out to dinner together. Mamoru was sitting on his couch watching bleach anime and munching on some old ramen he had in the cupboard. He seemed to be in quite a funk from the situation earlier at Setsuna's Boutique. He kept thinking about the past; the Dark Queen, Usagi, his old Generals.

'Eh, knock it off Mamoru...' he thought to himself, 'This isn't like you. Go for a drive or something.'

"Good idea," he said, putting down his half eaten raman. It was cold anyway, he had been holding it for nearly an hour. He grabbed his jacket out of the closet, put it on, and zipped it up. His keys and phone were on the banister by the door. He flipped open his phone…

'No missed calls...' Mamoru squinted as he looked, 'I hope she is ok.'

He started dialing Usagi's number. His thumb hovered over the call button for a moment... but then he closed the phone and put it in his pocket.

Mamoru cruised around Tokyo for quite some time. One of Usagi's Trapnest albums that she had left in his car was playing. Anyone within 30 feet of his car could hear the bass bumping. He ran a few red lights as he kept cruising through the city. There were some people crossing the street as he came up on the next red light, so he slowed down and stopped. On his right was the Kawaii Beauty Salon. Mamoru glanced into the dark windows for a moment. He got a very uneasy feeling as he sat at the light.

A car behind him honked their horn at him. The light had been green for some time now, and Mamoru was still looking in the window. He hesitated for a moment longer, the car behind him still honking, before looking away and taking off down the street.


CURRENT TIME - Monday, July 20: Mamoru woke up early in the morning, despite his late night drive the night before. He had trouble sleeping the last few days. His dreams were filled with memories from the past, worries of the present, and anxiety about what the future held for him. Typically Mamoru wasn't the type to worry, but there was an unsettling calmness in the air as of late.

After he finished getting ready, he hopped in his car and sped off to the park.

'A little fresh air might lighten your mood, Mamoru,' he thought to himself. He turned off the Trapnest album and plugged in his phone for a piano collection of various Final Fantasy tunes. Once he got to the park, he slipped his earbuds on and laid down on the bench for a little relaxation.

Mamoru was on the a bench relaxing when he got the call from his Bunny. He noticed she seemed more and more eager to see him, which was only natural, though...maybe he could sense something changed in her. Nah...he shook it from his mind and picked up the phone.

"Heya, Bunny." he answered. "Did you sleep well? What's on your mind?"
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby SailorMoon » 2011-Dec-02 [Fri] 12:34 pm

OOC: I'll keep temp playing Uranus and Neptune unless someone else wants to temp play one of them. Anyone is allowed to play and move them as you see fit, including controlling their thoughts. Since they don't belong to a member, they are considered NPCs. I'll keep trying to recruit some players for them too. ~!sui ~!sni

Also, nice post, Hotaru!!
BIC: Michiru gave Haruka an angry look.

"Why are you being so hard on her? Hotrau, just ignore Haruka-papa. You know how she can get." She kissed Hotaru's forehead in an effort to make the young girl feel better. It was obvious that Hotaru was worried about hurting their feelings.

Haruka didn't say anything as she drove them all to the cafe. She knew that Michiru was right, but she was protective of Hotaru. Plus, with the Dark Kingdom making their appearance again in Tokyo, there was no telling who was who. They were clever with their disguises, and for all Haruka knew, this new nanny was one of their spies.

'Maybe I'm just being paranoid,' she wondered as she held the door open for the two ladies to enter Cafe Lolita Azabu-juban-ten.

"I'll take Hotaru to get a snack and drink. Is there anything you want, Michiru?"

"I'll share whatever you get. I'm going to put some tables together, so that there is room for the entire group when everyone gets here."

Haruka took Hotaru's hand and led her away from the counter to a quiet space. She knelt in front of her, looked deeply into Hotaru's eyes, and gave her a hug.

'How do I tell Hotaru how much she means to me,' Haruka wondered. Sometimes it was difficult for her to express her emotions, and she hoped this hug would provide the words that her mouth couldn't. 'Plus, I'm proud. I just can't tell her I'm sorry for being hard on her,' Haruka thought as she continued to hug the young girl.
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby PrincessSerenity » 2011-Dec-02 [Fri] 3:30 pm

OOC: Loved your post, Jestryn! It's great to have you back as Mamo-chan. xoxo
Usagi was sure that his voice mail would pick up, so she was startled when she heard his voice.

"Heya, Bunny," he answered. "Did you sleep well? What's on your mind?"

Usagi felt herself blush when he asked if she had slept well. She always slept better when she was in his arms. Although they hadn't consummated their relationship yet, she imagined how the first time would be. Gentle, slow, and loving. The few times she had fallen asleep in Mamoru's arms, she would awake snuggled inside the crook of his arm. She would look up at his face only to see him gazing at her with some emotion that she couldn't place.

"Um...yes, I slept well." She tried not to nervously giggle when she said this. "Did you sleep well?"

After a little bit of chit-chatting, Usagi told Mamoru about the triple date they were planning for Tuesday evening.

"I really want to meet Ami's new boyfriend, and I want to spend time with you. I hope you're not busy...if you are...It's ok. I just miss you..."

Usagi knew that she sounded needy, but her emotions were in a whirl since the kiss from Haruka. Usagi knew she should talk with Mamoru about it all, but she had a sneaking suspicion that Haruka was just harmlessly flirting with her. That woman knew how to use her sex appeal for her own good. Plus, she didn't really like Minako's boyfriend. She had only spent a little bit of time around Ryu, but he seemed very cold. And from what she had seen about Minako's and Ryu's relationship, they were getting hot and heavy...fast! Maybe a little too fast.

'I sure hope he's not pressuring her for sex,' Usagi wondered as she waited for a response from Mamoru.

"What are you doing now? The girls and I are heading to a diner that we ate at yesterday for a quick breakfast. Want to meet us there? We don't have a lot of time because we need to meet the Outer Senshi at the cafe."

"Sure. I'll meet you there, Usako."

Usagi's heart fluttered at the pet name. She loved Mamoru deeply, and she really hoped he knew that.

"Ok, see you soon!"

Usagi hung up the phone and then rushed out of her house.
"Always the last one to arrive," laughed Rei as she made room at the table for Usagi. Minako, Makoto, and Rei sat on one side of the table while Ami and Mamoru sat on the other. Usagi took the empty spot near Mamoru and smiled as he pushed a plate full of food toward her.

"I took the honor of ordering for you, Usako."

Usagi thanked him and began to eat the food as quickly as possible. Almost everyone was done eating, and she didn't want to get left behind.
Luna and Artemis covertly entered the coffee shop and found Michiru in the corner putting tables and chairs together. They made their way to her and inquired as to what the meeting was about.

"Luna, Artemis, I would like you both to meet Usagi Small Lady Serenity."

They turned around to see a young girl who looked a lot like Usagi walking toward them.

"Oh my..." Luna said, speechless.
OOC: I didn't include as much dialog for Mamoru as I usually do. I wanted you to have more leeway with him, Jestryn, since it's been a little while since you have posted as him.

The rest of the Inner Senshi can take their time with interactions at the diner. We don't have to rush to the cafe right away, but we are set-up to head over there whenever you all are ready. :)

Finally, Luna and Artemis are open characters, so anyone at the coffee shop can play as them and interact with them as NPCs.
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby sportsnutd » 2011-Dec-04 [Sun] 10:10 pm

Minako came inside and saw Rei and walked over sitting in one of the chairs. "Hey Rei any sigh of the others yet? I might be seeing him today but he also said that he would be busy..My boyfriend that is you know. Hello Mamoru and Usagi, I hope you both are well. Hey Ami...wheres your books? No studying today?? Yet??"

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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby Empressnightstar » 2011-Dec-09 [Fri] 11:21 pm

OCC: sorry for being a bit on the late side, have not been feeling too well and busy with Eastren Star for the past month.

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Setsuna thoroughly enjoyed shopping with Chibi-usa. She got her many beautiful outfits that would make most little girls pea green with envy. "Yes we can head over the cafe now." Setsuna replied after looking at her watch.

They took a cab to the cafe and were the first to be there. Setsuna got a table that would accommodate everyone, once they arrived. She and Chibi-usa ordered drinks while they waited for the others to arrive. Haruka, Michiru and Hotaru arrived ten minutes later. "The young lady sitting next to me is Small Lady Chibi-usa. She is going to stay here for sometime." Setuna told them.
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby BrokenGirlSmile » 2011-Dec-29 [Thu] 11:08 am

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Chibi Usa smiled and skipped and twirled around in the several outfits that Setsuna bought for her as they were out on the town. But with all the shopping done and over with Chibi Usa settled on an outfit that resembled a cute blue jumper and a long white button up top underneath.

"Yes we can head over to the cafe now." Setsuna said.

Chibi Usa gladly took Setsuna's hand she was slightly tired from all the shopping and Setsuna had stopped to talk to many fans of her work. As they made there way into the cafe Chibi Usa felt her head whirl when she looked in and saw all the Senshi and her mother and father. It took all she could to keep from running straight into Mamoru's arms. But she knew she had been warned before she had come she couldn't let anyone know who she was with the exception of Setsuna. But from the looks of it Luna and Artemis might have realzies who she was.

"This young lady sitting next to me is Small Lady Chibi-Usa. She is going to be staying her for sometime." Setsuna announced.

Chibi Usa felt flustered with all the excitement she hadn't even realized she was sitting down. This is weird. I know everyone at this table, the way they act, the foods they like, even the way they ready themselves for bed but they all haven't the slightest idea of who I am. Chibi Usa thought as she stared blankly at her menu.

"Um hello everyone, It's nice to meet you all ag.... very nice to meet you." Chibi Usa said as she felt for the Luna P keychain that she had placed on her bag. Luna P helped to make her feel calm with Diana being back home in the future it was nice to have something that she could attach to herself to make her feel like less of a burden her in the past.

Suddenly there was the noise of someone shoveling down there food, it was none other than Usagi.

" Well not only are you clumsy and run into people but you also dont take the time to eat like a lady, well it figures your nothing but a dumpling head anyways." Chibi Usa mocked Usagi as she stuck out her tongue and continued to look at her menu before deciding to let Setsuna order for her.

Luna was still in shock at the sight of Chibi Usa when she turned to Artemis and said, "Artemis she looks an awful lot like.." Luna started but was cut off by Setsuna. Luna looked down embarrassed but shared a glance with Artemis which confirmed both of their fears. Chibi Usa was back in the past that must mean something is happening in the future.

~!scm ~In the name of the Future Moon, I will Punish You~
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby AquaGirlLove » 2012-Jan-02 [Mon] 3:17 pm

OOC: Happy New Year!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful 2012. By the way, I'm sorry I haven't posted in a long time. I have been busy with school and work. I am glad to be back and posting again. I can't wait to see how things turn out. Anyway, hope everyone has a great new year! ~!qp ~!tmr
Friday night had been a bust for Perillia. Her search for the man that captivated her thoughts could not be found in any of Tokyo's exclusive bars and clubs. She tried the old style bars that catered to those wearing kimonos. She visited the Harajuku styled clubs where only the fashionable and beautiful could enter. She even looked at the various fetish places where many men often hung out having women in French maid costumes serve them. By closing time, she ended up at a sports bar some blocks away from her apartment. Still there was no sign of that man.

By 4 A.M., the redheaded woman had walked into her apartment, undressed, and fell on top of her bed, exhausted from her search. Through out the trip, she had met many fans of the Kawaii Beauty Salon. Some were very prominent customers, so she was obliged to socialize, drink, and engage in lengthy conversations about fashion, beauty, and sexcapades. To the Dark Kingdom's advantage, Peri brought along many of the new lifeforce draining products that were to be used at Friday's fashion show, which she distributed through out the night to eager loyal and faithful clients as well as potential clients.

As she laid in bed falling asleep, her calico kitten clawed her way on to her bed. The little ball of furry and been sleeping in her basket type bed in the living room when Perillia had arrived home. Awakened by the noise, the little kitten followed the redheaded woman into her bedroom. Once the kitten had reached the top of the bed, she curled into a ball beside Perillia's warm body. Two drifted off as the morning came.

Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday came and went. The salon had seen an increase in customers since the announcement of Friday's fashion show. Those women who had gotten ahold of the new salon products from Perillia on Friday rushed in on Saturday to get more products. Since Peri didn't show up until mid-afternoon Kunzite and Zoicite had to make due with what they had in stock. Apparently, their queen had forgotten to mention to them that new products were being released to the general public. When she did arrive, the salon made a huge sale from all the she retrieved from the basment.

Though her focus was on the business of the salon and the distribution of the new products, Perillia could not help but wonder about the Sailor Senshi. They were back, but they had not interfered with the Dark Kingdom's plan. The amount of lifeforce collected from the products had been more than expected in the time she had put the business together. She wanted it to stay that way, for the Dark Kingdom to gain the power it needed to conquer the world and subjugate it to do her bidding, but at the same time, she wanted the Earth to be her world, her paradise—a place where she could take refuge, a place where her kitten could live a long happy life.

By mid-day Wednesday, the slender redheaded beauty guru had begun to feel the pressure of being successful business. Orders kept coming, clients continued to pour in, and preparation for the fashion show had gone into full swing. Not only was she working at the salon, but she was also working at the site of the fashion show, prepping up workstations where the models would sit for their beatuy enhancements. Not only would she be doing hair, but she would also be working on the models' make-up and nails. All four of the Shitennou would also been heavily involved in working with the models on the day of the fashion show.

Peri had left the Shitennou to themselves for most of the weekend, except when she need additional help at the salon. As much as she would have liked to have spied on them, she was too involved with salon's business as well as gathering more of the human's lifeforce. Plus, she felt that her previous warning left a big enough scar to remind them that disobedience would not be tolerated. They were, after all, her servants and the servants of the Dark Kingdom.
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby PrincessSerenity » 2012-Jan-05 [Thu] 12:16 am

OOC: Happy New Year!!! I hope everyone is as excited about 2012 as I am. This is just a small post as I wait for others to move us along. Can't wait for the date Tuesday evening!
The Inner Senshi group showed up at Cafe Lolita together since they had gone out for breakfast. Minako was chatting with Ami about studying.

"Can't Ami take a break during the summer?" Usagi gave Ami a hug. She knew how difficult it was for Ami to keep away from her books. Of course, now that she had a boyfriend, it seemed Ami would be doing less studying from now on...at least that is how Usagi imagined things would be. She glanced at Mamoru who had come in after all of them and smiled happily. She was so excited about their date.

"Did you ask Ryu about tomorrow evening, Minako?"

"Not yet...after we are done here."

And that was when Usagi noticed her. It was the small girl who had rudely bumped into her the other night close to Setsuna's apartment.

"What's that squirt doing here?" she grumbled in annoyance. She didn't want to have anything to do with her. Setsuna quickly introduced her.

"The young lady sitting next to me is Small Lady Chibi-usa. She is going to stay here for sometime." Setuna told them.

'Small Lady Chibi-usa?' Usagi wondered. She felt as if she knew the girl from somewhere, besides the rude meeting in the street, but nothing was coming to mind. Usagi brushed it off as a sense of deja vu. Anyway, she couldn't care less about such a rude and undisciplined child.

"Um hello everyone, It's nice to meet you all ag.... very nice to meet you."

'At least she is acting polite now...probably because there are so many of us here...' Usagi began to eat some chocolates that Mamoru had set on the table in front of her.

"Is she the reason for the meeting?" Makoto inquired.

"Yes. I just wanted everyone to know that I would have an extra guest at my house for the time being." Setsuna explained.

'Probably code for-- DO NOT TRANSFORM IN FRONT OF HER,' Usagi speculated as she ate more chocolates. Usagi's thoughts were drawn away by the screeching of the pink-haired girl near Setsuna.

"Well not only are you clumsy and run into people but you also dont take the time to eat like a lady, well it figures your nothing but a dumpling head anyways."

Usagi tried not to tear up at Chibi-Usa's harsh words. What was her problem anyways? They had just met, and there was no reason for the young girl to be so mean to someone that she had just met for the first time...at least officially met for the first time. Usagi was about to yell back at the child when Mamoru gripped her arm to restrain her. Usagi bit her tongue and pushed the candy away. Suddenly, she had lost her appetite. She did notice that Luna and Artemis were whispering among themselves and looking at Chibi Usa.

'I bet they are berating her for the bad behavior too!' Usagi consoled herself. She looked around at everyone. A lot of the friends were quiet. It looked like there was some tension between Haruka, Michiru, and Hotaru, but Usagi couldn't figure out why. Ami and Minako were talking about the date, and Rei seemed a bit distracted too.

"Everything ok, Rei?"

"Yeah, I've just been thinking about canvassing the area to look for the negative energy," she whispered to Usagi. They had to make sure Chibi-Usa didn't hear anything. "We only have a few days before the dress rehearsal and fashion show."

"Are you nervous about singing?"

"Never! I'm so good! The audience will adore me!" she gloated.

Usagi rolled her eyes and looked toward the Outer Senshi.

"Don't forget what our tasks are before the dress rehersal," lectured Haruka to the group. "And no letting dates get in the way of our work!"

Usagi smiled sheepishly at Mamoru. She was actually hoping to spend the night at his apartment come Tuesday night if she was lucky.

"Of course not, Haruka. We will be good."

Usagi crossed her fingers behind her back.
OOC: So, a bit longer than planned...I'll probably post one more time before moving ahead to Tuesday. I am excited about the big date!
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby Elielynn » 2012-Jan-05 [Thu] 7:30 am

OCC: Im sorry every one. I moved to another state to Atlanta Ga and I have allot going on. From to October to last month things have been shake and i been off and on with internet plus I been trying to find a job. T.T No luck with that.... But Im still trying.. tho. but after this month I should be ok. But i wanted to say I'm sorry Im just got rough times going on. but its slowly getting better. ~!sma
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Rei walked over to sit at the table. Today really was not that much of a good day for her. It seems that a lot things that has happened, have just went wrong and it made her bit quiet and moody. Rei was trying to write a song, to sing for the fashion show, that morning however, a small gust of wind come by and blew her lyrics away. She ran around the whole temple chasing them. She even called out for help but this was the time of heavy training in the temple and no one was around. Then she had fallen in her chase for her pages. The dress she had been working on to wear for the show, for some reason or another went missing. Rei at that time got a phone call from Ami, she was still hunting was hunting for her dress when she was asked to come to the cafe. Rei agreed trying to hide her huffiness and being so aggravated by how her day was going.

At the cafe.
Rei had been asking about her dress for the rest of the time before she had to go the cafe to meet her friends. This upset her tremendously.

Who could come in her room and take her things. It it is just not right!

Rei thought this repeatedly in her head. And now it really bothered her that she had to start all over and time will be very limited soon in writing the song learning it and getting her look together to sing. She come in and seen that ever one was there. She was late again but she decided to try to put her best face forward.

"Always the last one to arrive," Said Rei laughing as she walked.

She went and sat at one end of the table. Rei then grabbed the menu and was absorbed in the food choices that the cafe was showing off today, when Minako spoke to her.

“No. I have not seen any one as of late.” Rei the said “It must be nice to have a boyfriend.”

She then looked over at Usagi and then at Mamoru, as Minako spoke to them. Rei then started to feel lonely so she quickly when back in to looking at food choices. The only thing that stopped Rei from being as quiet was when Setsuna walked up with a little girl she had seen before that looks like Usagi. Setsuna introduced her and announced that the girl would be staying with her.

It’s that girl again! That strange little girl... Moreover, why have I not got anything from my meditations! What is going on here this makes no since... Unless I am cut, off from the spirit world. In addition, all this bad stuff happening sigh I just don’t get it.

Rei watched Chibi Usa interact with everyone, as her food finally comes and Rei started to eat. Then a comment come out of Chibi mouth that had Rei surprised, she was very surprised. The only one that usually cracks on usagi was she and now she was doing it.
Rei did her best not to laugh. She looked down, continued to eat her food, and was quiet as possible doing everything she could to hold her laugher in.
Usagi then had to ask if she was ok. At all the times but not this time, she had to ask her that question.

"Yeah, I've just been thinking about canvassing the area to look for the negative energy," she whispered to Usagi.

Then Rei when to talking about the fashion show and singing to Usagi, the subject changed her mood very quickly, however at least she did not laugh at the table.
Then Haruka lectured about what was to be done, before dress rehearsal.

“Sigh… I have a lot of work ahead of me it seems now. I think I’m going to order some chocolate cake. It will make me feel better.” Rei started to get very sad in a way.

Rei’s consumed mood was back. The giggle in the back of her head was fun one while it lasted.

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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby grendachan » 2012-Jan-10 [Tue] 1:30 am

Hotaru was much more cheered up after her soft hugs from Haruka Papa.

She was quite quiet though when she saw the young girl near her age. She watched her and all of the commotion surrounding her arrival, particularly with the two cats and Tsukino-san. She sat quietly and nursed on her drink, looking and forth between Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna to gauge what their thoughts were on this alteration of events She was sure Setsuna Mama knew what she was doing, but Hotaru was wondering if she had given the group the full details or not.

She smiled a little softly at one point to the girl and said. "Hi...I'm Tomoe Hotaru...nice to meet you." ~!ss ~!ss
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