Episode 3: Crimson Couture

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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby TsukinoUsagi » 2011-Oct-28 [Fri] 4:17 pm

OOC: TIME CHANGE! We are covering a large amount of time with this change. It encompasses Monday, July 20 through Wednesday, July 23. This gives members more time to interact with the other players and create sub-plots before Thursday's fashion show dress rehearsal.

Those that were unable to post before the time change are welcome to back-track a bit in their next posts in order to catch up with previous posts that were made.

REMINDER: The Inner and Outer Senshi should have their coffee meeting at 1pm to introduce Chibi-Usa to everyone. Cafe Lolita is a real place in Tokyo, and I have posted the data on the website here: https://sites.google.com/site/usagirpgu ... on-revenge

Since the meeting is at a public place, everyone needs to keep their reactions to a minimum so as not to draw too much attention to the group. ;)

ONE FINAL REMINDER: I do ask that role players be patient when waiting for responses from others as many of us are in school or work part or full-time jobs. You are allowed to post dialogs for all the characters and move them around as need be (see PrincessSerenity's most recent post for a good example).

We are also looking for new role players to take on the following roles:

* Haruka
* Michiru
* Makoto

If you know anyone that would be interested, please encourage them to apply! It would be wonderful to have all the roles filled!

Lastly, we are missing the following players:

* LadyEarth (Kunzite)
* CharmingDemon (Zoicite)
* Jestryn (Mamoru).

I've sent them emails asking them to post. If I don't receive responses, the council will revisit their applications and roles in the RPG. If anyone is interested in temporarily playing one of these characters, please let me know!
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby Empressnightstar » 2011-Nov-02 [Wed] 10:24 pm

While Nao was waiting. Setsuna took Chib-usa someplace where they could talk privatly. "I don't have much time to explain. You fell asleep shortly after arriving at my place. I was not expecting you. For now you will staying with, till we know the true reason for your presence here. I told the gentleman in the room that you are the daughter of a friend that is a former model. That you are staying till she returns. I told him that you liked being called Chibi-usa. His name is Nao and he works at a salon. He is a very good friend of mine. You and I will go on a shopping trip for clothes and other things, after he leaves." She told Small Lady.

Setsuna returned to the living room and enjoyed the rest of Nao's visit. After he left, she picked up her iPhone and texted everyone to meet her at Cafe Lolita @ 1 pm tomorrow for a very important meeting. Not too long after she texted everyone, Chibi-usa and her went out shopping.
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby Spynmaster » 2011-Nov-04 [Fri] 12:31 am

~!sp ~!scm
Nao waited patiently for Setsuna to finish her conversation with the little pink-hairred guest, Chibi-Usa. It was apparent that Miss Meioh was most familiar with her, he could see it in her eyes. Perhaps he should consider doing something special for the small lady to impress her.

After Setsuna was finally done with Chibi-Usa, he too enjoyed the rest of their time, mentioning that he would text and call her later on further plans. Once their time was up, he departed, leaving her a small peck on the cheek. He definitely wanted to see more of her before the big fashion show, so he texted her about more dating within that time.


Meanwhile, Mamoru was confirming his job at Setsuna's parlor by leaving her a message about it. It was a good oportunity to make some extra cash to spend more time with Usagi, despite her bottomless stomach.

OOC) I've been asked to temp Mamo-chan, so I'm still stretching into the role.
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby KaranaRose » 2011-Nov-04 [Fri] 6:34 pm

After the events that took place at the diner, Ami was glad that she was not going to be in the fashion show. She just did not have time to deal with this Ryo thing and a fashion show. Ami was embarrassed by her actions toward Usagi when she grabbed her phone, she did not want to have to explain to the whole group about Ryo's sudden message. Ryo had been saying hee loved her for sometime, but had never expressed it in writing. Let alone where one of her noise but lovable friends could see.

Ami picked up the phone and began dialing. "Ring....ring....." Ami waited for an answer on the other end.

"Owww... Bang.... Oh... Konnichiwa, " Usagi said on the verge of tears.

"Konnichiwa, Usagi-chan, Ogenki desuka (How are you?)?"

"Maa-maa desu.(so so). Anatawa (and you)?. Usagi had perked up after she heard it was Ami.

"Watashi wa genki desu. Arigato! (I am fine, Thank you!). Listen I wanted to apologize for freaking out last night. I have to explain what happened later, if you are free on later today, I can stop by and we can grab a bite to eat."

Usagi said, "Of course, I am always up for food! And don't worry about apologizing, I know there is a lot going on. I am glad you want to talk, I could tell there was something wrong."

Ami giggled slightly and sighed, "Yeah.... But anyway I also wanted to see if you and Mamoru-chan were free for a double date... I was also thinking of inviting Mina-chan and her new boyfriend!"

"OOOO how fun!!! I would love too... Let's call Mina-chan and ask her."

Ami told Usagi to hold while she dialed Minako and did a three way conversation.

"Konnichiwa," Ami and Usagi shouted at the same time. Minako seemed a little taken back by the load scream. Ami and Usagi started giggling. After talking to Minako for a bit. Ami said, "Mina-chan, would you and Ryu like to go on a triple date with Usagi and I on Tuesday evening? Usagi has suggested dinner and a movie or bowling but we are up for anything!"

"Yeah that would be awesome! He is so amazing, and you all didn't get to spend enough time with him at Michiru's concert! This will give you a better opportunity to get to know him. I will call him and confirm but I am sure it will be fine!"

The three gabbed for a while. After they hung up Ami knew Tuesday was going to be a great night.

Usagi and Minako feel free to add more to the phone conversation.
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby PrincessSerenity » 2011-Nov-05 [Sat] 4:03 pm

OOC: Loved the phone conversation, Ami! And welcome aboard as our temp Mamo-chan, Spyn! Can't wait to interact with you! At the end of the post, I wrote something for you to respond to. :)
BIC: Usagi slept fitfully and woke up Monday with a headache. She didn't feel like eating breakfast, so she stayed hiding in her room reading manga. She wanted to call Mamoru, but she wasn't sure if he wanted to hear from her or not. Plus, they would all be meeting at the coffee shop at 1pm. Maybe she should just wait until then. Usagi was about to hop into the shower when her phone rang. She ran to get it, and hit the dresser.

"Owww...Bang...Oh...Konnichiwa, " Usagi said on the verge of tears.

Usagi immediately perked up when she realized it was Ami on the other end. They chatted for a little bit, and Ami invited her for some food before meeting at Cafe Lolita. The double date suggestion really surprised Usagi. She didn't know that Ami was seeing anyone.

'I wonder who it could be,' she thought as she imagined some of their classmates, like Gurio and Ryo. 'I hope it's Ryo...he's much cuter than Gurio! Should I ask Ami who it is?' she wondered. Before she could say anything, Ami suggested they invite Minako and her new boyfriend on the double date Tuesday night.

"OOOO how fun!!! I would love too...Let's call Mina-chan and ask her."

Usagi twirled the cord on her phone as she waited for it to connect with Minako's line. Usagi let Ami lead the conversation, and when Minako agreed to ask Ryu about it, she squealed.

"Let's do dinner and bowling, then! That way we can talk more. At the theaters I always get yelled at for talking too much," Usagi grumbled in annoyance. Ami and Minako agreed.

"So, who are you inviting, Ami?" Usagi couldn't help herself. She HAD to know!

Ami got very quiet. "It's a surprise...at least until I find out if he can go. Let's agree to meet at Mianko's house at 6pm. We can have our dates pick us up there."

"Ok..." Usagi grumbled. "I can't wait to see who your mystery date is. I have some guesses."

"As do I," agreed Minako.

"Well, let's go for some breakfast. Before long, we'll be meeting at Cafe Lolita," responded Ami.

"Should we invite Makoto and Rei-chan?" Minako inquired.

"I'll call them on my way out," Ami responded.

The three hung up after agreeing to meet at the diner where they had eaten last night. Ami offered to pay for Usagi, which was a good thing because Usagi didn't have any money.

Usagi quickly took a shower. Then, she put on some short jean shorts and a pink tank top. Luna said she would meet them at the coffee shop in a little bit. She was planning to speak with Artemis about what was happening between the Inner and Outer Senshi.

"Ok, take care, Luna."

Usagi absently waved her off as she stared at her phone. 'Should I call Mamoru before leaving,' she wondered. She knew he was going to be working at Setsuna's store, so maybe he was already busy for the day. She missed him terribly, though. 'If I call him, I'm going to be late...then again, I do need to ask him about the triple date tomorrow...'

Usagi made her decision, and quickly dialed his cell number. Anxiously, she bit her lower lip as she waited for him to pick up. If he didn't hurry, she was going to have to leave a message. The girls were probably already waiting for her at the diner.
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby sportsnutd » 2011-Nov-05 [Sat] 9:15 pm

Mina was in her house when her phone rang and she answered it, "Konichiwa..Oh Hi Ami..Usagi?? Oh cool a three way and not the really creepy kind. Whats going on you guys?" She then listened to Ami and answered, "Oh sure...that sounds way fun to do...but the main thing im wondering is.. who are you bringing Ami? I mean Usagi has Mamoru and I have Ryu. So, please do tell..." She couldn't stop thinking of him as they were talking. She thought to herself, *I do wish I had more time with him at the concert*

OOC:Im getting help with all of this since this is a new rpg form for me sort of. if any one has ANY questions or helpful comments for me please feel free to email me at stephendareau@gmail.com just put that your from here in the subject so i get to it faster. thanks to all. ~!sve
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby SailorMoon » 2011-Nov-06 [Sun] 3:45 pm

OOC: I'm going to help out by playing some of the inactive characters that aren't assigned to role players. All members are welcome to play and move Haruka and Michiru as they see fit. If our Zoicite and Kunzite do not come back, we will be looking for members willing to temp play them too. If I can't find anyone interested in the roles, then either myself or another council member will move them along. Again, all members are welcome to play them in order to move the storyline.
Haruka pulled Michiru into her arms and kissed her until Michiru's eyes opened. Haruka sculpted her lover's naked body with a gentle hand, tweaking her nipples to pert attention.

"Stop that, Haruka. You know we have to pick up Hotaru for Setsuna's meeting this afternoon."

"Of course. But does that really mean we cannot have a little playtime?" Haruka continued to caress Michiru as she briefly thought about the kiss she gave Usagi in Setsuna's closet. She knew that she would have to explain herself to Michiru, but now was definitely not the time. If she played her hands right, she would have the lovely Michiru moaning beneath her in no time.


Haruka knew the exact moment Michiru gave in, and she reveled in her domination of the lovely aquamarine-haired figure now trapped beneath Haruka's naked form.

"I knew you would say yes," Haruka purred as she sealed Michiru's lips with a tight kiss.


Haruka had driven the sportscar to Hotaru's house. Michiru waited in the car as Haruka knocked on the Tomoe's front door. It wasn't long before a woman with long grey hair answered. She was full-figured and beautiful. What worried Haruka, though, was that she didn't recognize the vision standing before her. She was obviously not Hotaru's father, and she was not the ever present Kaolinite. So, who was she? Haruka raised a distrusting eyebrow at the stranger as she inquired about Hotaru.

"Oh, yes! Of course...Hotaru said her friends were picking her up for the day. Let me introduce myself. I am Miss Hanazona Shizuma, Hotaru's live-in nanny and tutor. Her father and Kaolinite are away for a couple of months, and they don't want Hotaru falling behind in her studies." Shizuma bowed in way of introduction.

Haruka couldn't help asking herself one pertinent question: 'Why was Hotaru being watched by this woman?' Her thoughts continued to swirl out of control. 'Doesn't she know that we are always there for her? If I had known that Dr. Tomoe and Kaolinite were leaving for a couple of months, I would have convinced them to let Hotaru stay with Michiru and myself.'

Haruka closed her eyes as she thought about how Hotaru was always brightening up their lives. She was like their daughter, and Haruka loved her. She would protect Hotaru from any harm, and something told Haruka that this woman was going to be trouble.

"Um, yes..." Shizuma tried not to feel output by the fact that Haruka did not return her bow. "Let me get her for you. Won't you come in?"

Haruka stepped gingerly into the hallway right as Hotaru rushed down it. What she saw shining in Hotaru's eyes was nothing short of adoration.

'How did this stranger implement herself so strongly into the young girl's confidence?' she wondered. Haruka tried to qualm the pang of jealousy that was eating at her insides.

"Let's go, Hotaru," she said rather sternly as the pair exited the dark hallway. Once in Haruka's vehicle, they drove a little ways down the block before Haruka killed the ignition.

"So, who was that Hoatru? And why didn't you tell Michiru and I about your father leaving for a couple of months?" Haruka tried to remain calm and impassive. She didn't want Hotaru to know that she felt betrayed by the girl's lack of confidence concerning the matter. "And who is this woman, Shizuma? You know we could have arranged for you to stay with us...We love you."

Haruka could tell that Michiru wanted to say something, but thankfully Michiru held her tongue as they awaited a response from Hotaru.

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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby BrokenGirlSmile » 2011-Nov-11 [Fri] 10:29 pm

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Chibi Usa clung to Setsuna as the went shopping in the Jyuuban shopping center. There were so many glorious things in the windows Chibi Usa couldn't help but gaze in awe at the multiple shoes and dresses.

"Setsuna-Chan, do you like making beautiful clothes and watching people admire them. I mean just watching everyone look at all these clothes in the window. Does it make you happy when people come and look at the clothes in your windows?" Chibi Usa asked quizzically as she circled around Setsuna taking in the sights of post Crystal Tokyo.

Setsuna turned to Chibi Usa, "Well I suspect it does." Setsuna replied calmly as she watched Chibi Usa gaze with excitement.

Chibi Usa nodded as she continued to gaze and frolic through the streets she saw many couples holding hands as they walked and children playing. At first it made her feel sad and miss the future but she knew her mama had sent her here for a purpose though she knew not what it was. Chibi Usa shook her head to shake the feelings of sadness from her mind.

"Setsuna-Chan can we go get lunch at the cafe now?" Chibi Usa asked as she scampered back to Setsuna's side and reached out to hold her hand.

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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby Spynmaster » 2011-Nov-13 [Sun] 11:16 pm

Mamoru was on the a bench relaxing when he got the call from his Bunny. He noticed she seemed more and more eager to see him, which was only natural, though...maybe he could sense something changed in her. Nah...he shook it from his mind and picked up the phone.

"Heya, Bunny." he answered. "Did you sleep well? What's on your mind?"
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby grendachan » 2011-Nov-25 [Fri] 9:32 am

Hotaru sighed as she could tell Michiru and Haruka were both upset at her for not letting her know. She bid a warm goodbye to Hanazono-san for now...hoping she could talk to her more on her return.

"I'm sorry..." She said. "They didn't well...give me much warning... And they felt that this woman should be my nanny until they came back. I was going to tell you two ofcourse..." She sighed sadly. "I just haven't had much chance, you know you two are so much like mother and father to me..."

She got quiet then crawled into her introverted state again..afraid of hurting her friends again by saying anymore

OOC: Sorry for the delay on posting.
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