Episode 3: Crimson Couture

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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby Spynmaster » 2011-Sep-29 [Thu] 11:00 pm

Nao had noticed the small pink-hairred one run to Setsuna's apartment, seeing her let in by the dark-skinned beauty. Setsuna must've known her to be let in at all, he thought. A little afterward, he soon approached the door, rose in hand, knocking on the door and awaiting for the lady to answer.

"Babysitting, are we?" Nao teased as he gave a chuckle, offering her the rose. "If I knew you were expecting company I might've brought something special to eat. Her hairstyle...it's quite unique...somewhat...familiar...as if from another life...anyway, how's you and the salon lately?"
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby Empressnightstar » 2011-Sep-30 [Fri] 12:26 am

"In a sense yes. She is the daughter of a friend of mine from my modeling days. Her name is Usagi but she likes to be called Chibi-usa. She is going to be staying with me for a bit till her mother comes back from running a fashion show for Dior in Paris." Setsuna replied as she quickly came up with an alibi for Chibi-usa's appearance.

"Once she wakes up from her nap, I will have to tell Small Lady my plan to keep her true identity hidden and that she will be staying here till she finds out the true reason for her appearance." Setsuna thought.

After letting Nao in, she offers him a seat in the living room. "Everything is going smoothly in my shop. Thank you for being a model in my show I was really shorthanded on male models." Setsuna said in answer to his second question.
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby BrokenGirlSmile » 2011-Oct-03 [Mon] 7:43 pm

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Chibi Usa had heard the murmuring of voices faintly in the distance and she awoke to hear the word models said over and over again. For a slight moment Chibi Usa had thought she was back in the future but as Setsuna's apartment came back into focus so did the new stranger in the house.

"Models?" Chibi Usa asked as she rubbed her eyes gently from the couch. "Setsuna-Chan are you putting on a fashion show soon?" Chibi Usa asked as she walked over and attempted to avoid staring at the new man in the room.

Somehow he looked very familiar like one of the guards or guardians from the palace back home.

This feeling seems to be spreading everywhere I go first with that blonde girl and now here with this man in Setsuna-Chan's apartment. Chibi Usa thought as she turned to the strange man.

"Do I know you from somewhere... are you an actor or something?" Chibi Usa asked after realizing she had been staring at the man for an awful long while. She could feel her face flush with embarrassment as Setsuna and Nao smiled at her.

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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby Empressnightstar » 2011-Oct-04 [Tue] 11:26 pm

"Yes, I am putting on a fashion show." Setsuna replied after Chibi-usa woke up from her nap.

"This gentleman that came in while you were sleeping is Nao. He is a good friend of mine that is going to be a model for my show." She told the young Crystal Tokyo princess. "Now that you are awake, let me show you to the bathroom, so you can freshen up a bit." Setsuna said afterwards.

She then lead her towards the spare bathroom near Chibi-usa's room. On the way there, Setsuna explained to her that she was going to stay with her for right now till things have settled. She also told Chibi-usa the alibi she told Nao in case he had questions for her. Setsuna went back into living room to sit next to Nao while she waited for Chibi-usa to return.
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby KaranaRose » 2011-Oct-24 [Mon] 8:29 pm

Ami was sitting around the table with all of her friends, as usual Usagi, Rei and Minko were fighting with each other. Their playful banter was amusing to Ami, who was the most reserved of all of the scouts. Ami was enjoying the playful banter when Usagi made a grand statement ( well grand for Usagi).

How about dinner...on me?" Usagi looked at the group pleadingly.

Everyone at the table turned and looked at Usagi slack-jawed. "Wow, I think this is a first! Usagi paying for dinner!" Ami said chuckling to herself. Usagi typically sponged off of everyone else, which was one of her enduring qualities.

Ami felt a slight tug on her sleeve. She turned and looked at Usagi, who looked like a deer caught in headlights. Usagi continued to feel around in her pocket as she pulled Ami aside and whispered, "Can I borrow some money, Ami? I'll pay you back...I promise!"

'Typical' Ami thought to herself. "Of course, I don't mind lending you the money." Usagi happily hugged Ami and went back to gabbing with the others. They all seemed to have a lot of stuff going on. Everyone was wanting to hear about Minako's new boyfriend. Just then, Ami's phone buzzed. It was a text from Ryo. 'I love you <3' is what it read.
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby DrakeAiden » 2011-Oct-24 [Mon] 9:02 pm

After a long, hard day, Jadeite would have liked nothing more that to have a beautiful lady lounging in his bed. But alas today was not that day. Aiko said she was running late but would said she had a "thrilling" surprise for him, which he couldn't wait for. The other lady in his life, was out with her friends, no doubt gabbing about him. This thought made him happy, he hoped that he would be willing to push her a little bit further that they had gone in the last week. She was extremely shy but that just made him want her more. Good thing that had a date coming up

While Jadeite waited for Aiko, he made dinner and got cleaned up. He looked at himself in the mirror and made the decision that he would lose the bleach blonde look and go for a red or a black. He laughed as he turned and headed into the other room, the thoughts that were going threw his mind...

Just then there was a knock at the door. Finally, Aiko had arrived, the thought to himself. He opened the door and was instantly turned on. Aiko was decked out in a long blonde wig with a purple bow and dressed in a sexy school girl's outfit. "I have been a bad girl," she purred as she walked in.

"I think I can help straighten you out," he said chuckling as he shut the door.
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby AquaGirlLove » 2011-Oct-25 [Tue] 10:44 pm

OOC: I'm so sorry I haven't posted. Work, school, and personal stuff have bogged me down so much these past couple of months. I hope everyone is doing well. Enjoy!
Peri had walked her last customer out of the Kawaii Beauty Salon at the end of another business day. Unlike most other salons, Kawaii Beauty Salon operated seven days a week to insure that the products could be distributed to masses as their life force was minutely drained during each visit and from each of the products used. She had been surprised at the level of success the salon had been experiencing. Not only was the Dark Kingdom getting the necessary life force it needed to build its strength to conquer Earth, but Perillia had begun to acquire enough wealth and status to live a privileged lifestyle.

Another day gone, she thought to herself as she locked the front door. I should check up on those incompetent servants of mine, but I think I’ll give them some time to redeem themselves.

The tangerine rays of the setting sun shined on Peri’s face. As she gazed out the salon’s glass door, her thoughts went back to the young man that caught her attention. There was something about him that captivated her thoughts and feelings. Just as she was about to dive deeper, a meow broke the silence of the salon. Her watch alarm, a cat’s meow, had gone off. I’d better get home and feed the kitty. The redheaded woman had developed a close bond with her stray, and spending time with her new feline friend had become a priority to her.

As she exited the building from the back entrance, a cool throbbing hum vibrated throughout the building. The human life force that had been collected that day had begun to be transfused with the essence of the Dark Kingdom. The transfusion insured that the life force could not be returned to its owner’s unlike previous attempts to capture the human life force.

Peri’s little calico kitten wrapped itself around her legs as she enter through the door of her apartment later that evening. The little ball of fur hadn’t been fed since early that morning and was eager for its evening dinner and for some human affection.

“Aren't we the hungry one,” she said as she walked over to her pet's feeding bowl. Looking at the canned cat food, she looked at her kitten and asked, “Which shall it be: chicken or fish?”

The little kitten continued to rub its body against her nearest ankle and calf as she held the two cans in her both hands.

“I guess it's fish tonight,” she said, interpreting her kitten's rubs. No sooner did she open the can did the kitten began to meow and look up towards the metallic container. Peri was careful enough to use a spoon to transfer the moist tuna into her kitten's bowl, and no sooner did the food fell into the bowl did the kitten began gobbling the tasty fish.

“We are going to have to work on those feeding manners,” she playfully told her pet as she caressed the soft fur of her kitten's back. She smiled to herself.

“You enjoy that fish,” she spoke to her kitten, “while I get ready to go out and get something to eat.”

Perillia had decided earlier that day that she would try out one of the restaurants downtown, take in a performance at the local theater, and go for an evening drive in her red sports car. After all, she deserved it with all the hard work she had been putting in at the beauty salon. Plus, she might just get lucky and find a familiar face in her evening adventures.
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby sportsnutd » 2011-Oct-26 [Wed] 8:20 pm

Minako was arguing with the others and then she looked at Usagi, "Let me guess...you cant pay for the food this time? Not that I wouldn't expect that from you even after a big speech like you had.." She thought 'What kind of parents does she have? Do they not give her allowance?' She reached down and grabbed her wallet and pulled it out and got some money out offering to pay for the food, "Here Usagi...I'm paying..."

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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby BrokenGirlSmile » 2011-Oct-27 [Thu] 11:13 am

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Chibi Usa stretched and batted her eyes at the unfamiliar surroundings. She had forgotten that she was at Setsuna's apartment and the reason she was here. She heard low mumbling through walls as her hand grasped the door knob.

"Hello?" Chibi Usa called as she walked out into the strange room it wasn't until she saw Setsuna's long emerald green hair that she knew where she was.

"Setsuna? What am I doing here?" Chibi Usa asked as she walked over and took a seat at the table.

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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby PrincessSerenity » 2011-Oct-28 [Fri] 3:35 pm

Usagi was going to accept Ami's loan when Minako offered to pay.

"Ok, ok! No arguments here!"

She put her hands in her pocket and looked at everyone guiltily.

'I need to spend less money on comic books,' she thought to herself. 'I've asked mom and dad to increase my allowance, but they keep saying I would just waste that money too. If Mamo-chan had been here, he surely would have paid...'

Usagi tried not to be sad that Mamoru wasn't spending time with them tonight. She turned to Minako and gave her a hug.

"Thanks, tomodachi (friend)!"

Then, Usagi noticed that Ami had received a text, and that her hand was shaking.

'I hope everything is ok...'

Ami quickly flipped the phone shut and led the group to a nearby 24 hour diner. They were chatting and having fun, and Usagi found herself relaxing. She didn't need to have Mamoru around in order to enjoy herself. It could be just her and the girls. And the time away from the Outer Senshi put distance between the memory of Haruka's kiss on her lips and her everyday reality.

'I'm sure it was just a fluke,' she thought again for the millionth time.

"So, tell us more about your boyfriend, Mina-chan!" Rei inquired.

"Well, you all saw him at Michiru's concert, and some of you met him earlier because he works at the Kawaii Beauty Salon."

People needed in agreement.

"He is fashionable, has a cool bike, and even bought me an expensive gift before we officially started dating. I know it's only been a little over a week, but I really feel like he is the one for me...like I'm falling in love...and I think he feels the same way!"

"Wow...that is so romantic," Makoto responded. Usagi and the others nodded their heads in agreement.

"We should go on a double-date," Usagi suggested. Minako didn't respond because Rei changed the subject to the fashion show.

"I'm so excited to be a model and a guest singer at the fashion show," announced Rei.

"Yeah, you are going to do great," agreed Makoto.

"Are you sad that you are not going to be a model, Ami?" Usagi inquired. Her friend had been distracted throughout the entire dinner.

"Hm, uh? Sorry...I was distracted...no, of course not. I don't like being the center of attention, and to be honest, fashion is not really my thing. Setsuna made the right call with the models she chose. She should get a lot of business for her shop after all of this, and I know all of you are going to have an amazing time on the catwalk."

The conversation continued, and then Ami's phone made a beep. She froze. She didn't reach for it.

"Who's the text from?" Usagi asked as she grabbed the phone from the table.

"No!" Ami practically shouted. But she was too late. Usagi had already flipped it open.

"Are you ok, Ami?" Rei asked as she reached across the table and felt Ami's forehead. "Are you getting sick or something?"

"No...probably just tired..." Ami was sweating and trying to play it cool at the same time.

Usagi handed the phone back to Ami who was surprised to see who the text message was actually from. She read the message aloud to everyone: Ami-- need 2 meet again. tell others. very imp. @ Cafe Lolita, 1pm. Setsuna "Strange...I wonder what is happening that we all need to meet up...again..."

"I did sense that something was amiss," Rei announced.

"Well, we better call it a night. Looks like we might have another long meeting in store for us," Ami stated. Usagi absently nodded her head in agreement. She was nervous about seeing Haruka.

'Will she be there,' Usagi wondered. Aloud, she asked, "Are we supposed to tell Mamoru about the meeting?" Ami thought for a moment. "Not sure. It said 'tell others.' I guess that includes him. I presume she has already let the other Outer Senshi know about the meeting. I'll send him a text for you, Usagi-chan.' Ami typed a quick message while Minako paid for dinner. The group walked outside and headed their separate ways to go home.

"See everyone tomorrow," Usagi called out.
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