Episode 3: Crimson Couture

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Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby TsukinoUsagi » 2011-Jul-29 [Fri] 2:44 pm

RPG Dates: Sunday, July 19 through Friday, July 24

Writing Dates: August 8, 2011 through ?

Goals for Episode 3:

Inner Senshi and Mamoru: Everyone will become better friends with each other. People involved in the fashion show include: Usagi, Mamoru, Minako, and Rei. Members of the audience include: Ami, Makoto, and Chibi-usa. Only some of the Senshi will be involved in the final fight. These include: Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Kamen, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Chibi-Moon. Ami and Makoto will be with some of the Outer Senshi doing something else. The players can decide what prevents them from participating in the fight.

Outer Senshi: Haruka and Michiru are in the fashion show. Hotaru will be in the audience with Ami, Makoto, and Chibi-Usa. Sailor Pluto and Sailor Neptune will be involved in the final battle with Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Kamen, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Chibi-Moon. Haruka and Hotaru will be with Ami and Makoto doing something else.

Villains: They will start to have visions of their former lives when they served King Endymion. All Shitennou will be in the fashion show. Peri will be in charge of hair and makeup at the fashion show. She will use products from sponsors of the fashion show.

New Players (Chibi-Usa & Koan): Chibi-Usa & Koan Chibi-Usa arrive late Sunday, July 19. Chibi-Usa shows up at Setsuna's apartment. No one knows why she arrived. At first, she will be a general nuisance. [If we can locate new player Catsy, these are her goals. Otherwise, this section will be cut from the episode] Meanwhile, Koan gets a job at Setsuna's boutique and helps at the fashion show. She is currently living without the rest of her sisters or the Black Moon Kingdom and is gathering data on Earth's activities.

Special Guests: Nana fans will be excited to learn that Trapnest will be playing at the fashion show!

Specific Goals:

Sailor Moon will learn a new cleansing attack that will transform Nephrite into his hero form. She will become insecure about the friendship between Mamoru and Peri from Kawaii Beauty Salon. She will become closer to Haruka.

Mamoru: Mamoru will get a job at Setsuna's boutique and have an innocent private moment with Peri from Kawaii Beauty Salon.

Chibi-Usa: Chibi-Usa is the key Sailor Senshi who will make Sailor Moon's cleansing attack powerful enough to sustain a transformation on the Shitennou. This fact won't be revealed until Episode 4.

Haruka: Haruka will flirt with Usagi and will get a specifically fitted outfit at the end of the episode from Setsuna.

Setsuna: Sailor Pluto will give limited information about the Shitennou, and she will fall in love with Nephrite.

Queen Perillia: Peri will have an innocent private moment with Mamoru. She will also sense Nephrite's transformation because of the earring that Nephrite has. If he transforms to good, the earring will fade, but it will not be destroyed unless his transformation is permanent. Queen Perillia will still receive some signals from his earring, which allows her to track some of his activities.

Kunzite & Zoicite: Zoicite and Kunzite will get punished by their queen for their insolence and the problems they caused at Michiru's concert, see Episode 2, Part 2.

Jadeite: Jadeite will start to develop real feelings for Minako.

Nephrite: Nephrite will be the first general "cleansed" and will have a new hero outfit.

Koan: She wants a "normal" life. She can be good or bad, depending on her mood, and retains her powers from the Black Moon Kingdom.

Villain Disguises:

Kunzite (Kuuya): Neck length, black colored wig
Zoicite (Zack): Short brown colored wig
Nephrite (Nao): Ear length, brown colored wig
Jadeite (Ryu): Bleach blond hair in a military buzz cut
Perillia (Peri): Shoulder length, curly, dark red hair with perfect white teeth

Length of Episode 3: Episode 3 will last about four months. This will depend on how frequently members post and how quickly our goals are met. If the RPG is moving too slow or too fast, I will interrupt the game to insert a GM post. If you have questions, post them in the appropriate OOC Thread.

REMEMBER: All role players are required to post at least once a week or indicate in the Absences Thread if you will need more time before you can post.
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby TsukinoUsagi » 2011-Aug-08 [Mon] 6:14 pm

OOC: The time is currently mid to late afternoon on Sunday, July 19.

Ready...set...role play!

BIC: The Senshi and Mamoru are gathered in Setsuna's parlor. The Inner Senshi sit on one side of the room while the Outer Senshi sit on the other side. Both are still weary of each other. It's like being on a blind date and not knowing how to react.

"Let me get some refreshments for everyone," Setsuna says politely. She recognizes the awkwardness of the situation. She also understands that it is important for the two groups to learn to trust each other in order for them to accomplish their mission-- stopping the Dark Kingdom.

"Why don't you help me, Hotaru?"

The two exit to the kitchen leaving Michiru and Haruka in the sitting room.

"So..." begins Usagi-chan. "Now what do we all do...?"


Chibi-Usa has arrived from the future, and she finds herself in unfamiliar territory.

"Darn," she says annoyed. "I thought I had calibrated the machine to take me directly to Sailor Pluto."

She looks around and notices that she is in the shopping district.

"Well...might as well look around for now..."

She passes a beauty salon, Kawaii Beauty Salon, and notices there is no one inside.

"Strange...why is the salon open when no one is there?"


Inside the basement of the salon, Queen Perillia lectures the Shitennou. She is especially disappointed and angry at Zoicite and Kunzite for all the drama they caused at the Azabu-Juuban Arena Hall.

"You have ruined the element of surprise! Now, we have even more Senshi after us..."
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby grendachan » 2011-Aug-09 [Tue] 1:28 am

Tomoe Hotaru nodded softly and shyly at Setsuna.

"Um...ha.hai.. Mieoh-san." She said bashfully.

She walked off slowly, following after the much taller and more elegant woman, looking down softly as the others began to talk..or rather...contemplate talking. Once in the kitchen, Hotaru approached one of the cupboards and began to gently take out the cups and saucers as Setsuna herself set about to making the tea. She worked silently, making sure to not make a single chink as she was moving the tea-ware around, something she had learned at home so as to not disturb Father or Kaori-san. She had learned how to be seen, but not heard..and in the best way possible.

As she got each cup and saucer rinsed and dried properly, she then turned to Setsuna and looked down saying. "Meioh-san...what would you say...happiness is? What success is? How can you tell if a person is truly successful and happy? And are they the same thing?"

Then realising how much she had asked, Hotaru put her hand over her mouth. "Um...ah..I'm sorry..perhaps I'm talking too much. I'm sorry..." She bowed slowly. ~!ss
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby PrincessSerenity » 2011-Aug-09 [Tue] 4:46 am

OOC: Happy to be starting Episode 3!
Usagi sat close to Mamoru, practically on his lap. There wasn't a lot of room on the crowded couch. She put her hand gently on his thigh. It was rock hard. He was tense. She looked up into his grimacing face. He was obviously unhappy to be working with these Outer Senshi. He was always slow to trust people whereas she trusted too easily. Mamoru glanced down at her and relaxed.

"I love you, Usako," he whispered. She smiled and leaned into his arms even more as Setsuna and the quiet Hotaru got up to get refreshments for everyone. No one was speaking.

'We are all being ridiculous,' she thought in annoyance. 'We were developing a nice friendship until we discovered each others' alter identities. Why should we suddenly stop being friends? We are all still the same people...right?'

Usagi coughed a little bit before asking in a small voice: So...now what do we all do...?"

No one spoke right away. Suddenly, Makoto stood up from the couch.

"Whoa!" exclaimed Usagi and Rei as both almost fell off either end of the couch. Luckily, Usagi had Mamoru to grip as Rei grabbed Minako. The pair were steadied and prevented from falling off.

"This is ridiculous! Why are we all trying to squeeze onto these small couches anyway?" Makoto huffed as she knelt down on a small cushion next to Ami who had been sitting next to the tea table the entire time.

"I was wondering the same thing..." Haruka murmured as she raised one eyebrow. That one small gesture broke the ice, and everyone laughed, even Mamoru.

"I guess I will move with you, Makoto," Minako said as she got up from the couch to make more room for Usagi, Mamoru, and Rei.

'Aw,' thought Usagi. 'Now I have no excuse to grope Mamoru...' she reluctantly scooted away from him.

"I think it's best to wait for the tea, and hear what Setsuna has to say. She seems to know more about the current situation with the Dark Kingdom," Michiru added as she directed the conversation back to the original question that Usagi had asked.

"But we were the ones that battled and defeated Queen Perillia before," Mamoru countered. "How could she know more about this situation then us? I remember oh so well what it was like to be succumbed by the evil of the Dark Kingdom...to be that bitch's slave."

Usagi didn't look at Mamoru. She had relived the entire battle during her awakening. She remembered it all very well too. At the same time, she had forgiven him for the past transgressions, even the most recent minor incident with Minako. At this point, she wanted to move forward with their relationship, but she felt that something or someone was holding them back. She had a deep yearning in her core for the special tenderness of true love, but she wasn't sure when or even if they would ever consummate their love. Not at the rate they were going, especially with this new evil.

"She is the Guardian of Time. It would be best to heed her words," Haruka scoffed at Mamoru. She got up from her seat on the opposite couch and walked toward Usagi and Mamoru. Bending down, she gripped Usagi's hands gently in her own.

"Come. Let us get some more cushions for tea. It seems your boy needs to cool down for a moment."

Usagi felt the anger radiating from Mamoru, but she was unable to hesitate. She was pulled to her feet by a strong grip and led down a hallway to a closet. The conversation in the other room faded away.

"In here," Haruka said as she opened the closet at the end of the hall. She pushed Usagi gently inside and closed the door behind them. They were engulfed in darkness. Usagi's heart began to beat faster as she sensed Haruka coming closer.


"Perhaps you should look to another for the comfort and love you seek," Haruka whispered in the darkness as a hand caressed her neck. Usagi's breathing increased as she felt the other woman move even closer in the darkness. Now, Usagi was pressed against a shelf. Haruka's breasts connected with Usagi's own. Usagi felt warm all over, tingly even. She had never been this close to a woman, and she was surprised at how much she liked the feeling. Haruka's mouth was next to Usagi's ear. "I could suggest a good woman for you...if you are interested..." There was a slight pressure as soft lips touched the top of her ear. Haruka kissed her gently as she pulled down some mats from the shelf above Usagi's head.

"Mmmm" Usagi moaned softly as she leaned into the ear kiss.

Suddenly, light blinded Usagi as the closet was opened. Haruka turned back to look at the startled and flushed Usagi. "Let me know if you want more information about my offer." And with that, she walked away.

'What the...what was that all about?' Usagi didn't move. She couldn't move. Her legs had turned to jello, and she was so inflamed that she thought she would die from a heat stroke. The only other person that had ever made Usagi feel that way was Mamoru. How could Haruka have the same affects on her? What did it mean?

'And what woman did she have in mind? I thought Michiru was her girlfriend...and I can't imagine that she would be ok with Haruka dating me at the same time. Who does that leave? Setsuna? Not...Hotaru? That girl must be fourteen, maybe fifteen at most. She probably doesn't even know what love is let alone passion...' Usagi thought in frustration as she tried to solve the puzzle of Haruka's words.

'It doesn't matter. I have Mamo-chan. He's all I've ever needed. Why would I want anyone else?'

And yet the devilish part of her brain made the decision more difficult than it had to be.

Devil: 'Then why does he not consummate your relationship...make you his eternally?'

Angel: 'Well...he's had other matters on his mind...and we have the Dark Kingdom to deal with...'

Devil: 'Maybe he has another woman on his mind...'

'Stop that!' Usagi had regained control both of her body and of her mind. She refused to doubt Mamoru or think that way. They hadn't seen Queen Perillia yet, so there was no guarantee that she was back. Plus, he had been brainwashed then. He hadn't wanted to join the dark side, to try and kill her.

Devil: 'Of course wherever the Shitennou are, their queen won't be far behind.'

Usagi shook that thought away as she walked up the hall. She took a seat on a cushion next to Mamoru. He looked at her oddly.

"I went to the restroom," she explained as she got settled into the cushion and the discussion. She hated to lie to him, but Usagi didn't think the small kiss was worth mentioning. After all, it could have been an accident, a brush of lips as Haruka reached for the mats.

'For crying out loud, it was on my ear!' Usagi thought in annoyance. 'And yet...what a kiss it had been...'
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby Empressnightstar » 2011-Aug-09 [Tue] 8:10 am

Occ: Sorry I wasn't able to be at the imvu party last night. I'm in NJ for 3 weeks with my family and won't be on facebook till I get back so if you need to talk to me please e-mail me. Also I was not sure what the general were called when they served Mamoru durring the days of the Earth Kingdom. That is why I refered to them as knights.

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Setsuna was in the kitchen with Hotaru getting the stuff together for tea. While Hotaru was getting the cup and saucers ready, Setuna got two different teas out. She selected Jasmine tea leaves (that were grown from Neo Queen Serentiy's garden) and Darjeeling tea (that she purchased from a nearby tea shop). As the water was boiling, Hotaru had asked her what true happiness and success was. After pouring the water and tea leaves into the teapot, Setsuna thoughtfully replied "Happiness is when someone is peaceful and content in their life. Success is when you have found your purpose in life and perform with all you have. A successful person is someone that has combined the two together effortlessly; since they both go hand in hand."

After her reply Setsuna had gathered an assortment of pastries and the two teapots on a tray. She and Hotaru went back into her living room. Setsuna was glad that the inner and outer senshi were starting to intermingle. Once the trays were placed on the table, she sat in her favorite chair. " Now that everyone is a bit more relaxed. I'll get this meeting in order. The reason I am here is because I have detected a time disturbance from our new enemy. In order to defeat this enemy we need to be like sisters. Also we need to awaken Prince Endymon's knights.

At the time of the Earth Kingdom, there were four noble men that served Prince Endymon. They served him as the senshi serve Sailor Moon. They have been reborn and are here in Japan. The powers of these knights with our power will be able to defeat this enemy. We need to find them so Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask can awaken them. Only Tuxedo Mask can be able to find them with his telepathy powers. Anyone have any questions?"

Shortly after she spoke, Setsuna poured herself a cup of Jasmine tea and selected a neopaltian. Then sat back down to answer any questions the senshi might have.
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby Elielynn » 2011-Aug-11 [Thu] 5:17 pm

Rei sat there on the couch observing the situation before speaking. Everything has changed for them all. They just now found out about each other and that they did actually know each other. Then some strange people that had also just now come in to their lives and they are senshi as well. All changes that happen in a short matter of time, she really did not know how, to really absorb, it all. However, there had to be a reason for all of this. Because with her being a maiden of the shrine she was taught, to believe that all things happen for a reason and it better to go with the flow than work against it. While Rei was thinking about all of this, she did her best not to look at Usagi and Mamoru. Was it a flash of jealousy that now developed within her heart? She remembered once when her and Mamoru was very good friends. They got along very well. Now it was as they were distant strangers. However, now he is close to Usagi now and shows such great care for her. At first, His and Usagi closeness was rather cute. Now as of late, it was really starting to get on her nerves. However, she did her best to hide her annoyance at this time. The only thing that snapped her out of the deep thought that she was in was when Makoto got up and she almost fell off the couch.

“Whoa” Rei then looked at Makoto with a question her face, as Makoto walked away verbally expressed about how small the couch was. Rei had to grab a hold of Minako to keep from falling.

It seems like everyone on ice right now or is that just me?. “Sorry Mina- chan. I did not mean to grab on to you like that. I just did not want to fall.” Said, Rei to Minako.

Rei then was quiet again, as Minako said she was going to move away from the crowed couch as well. Oh great I am stuck over here with the lovebirds.

As the conversation progressed, it went to the asking and talking to Setsuna about everything. Rei agreed with Michiru and Haruka on the subject.
“I believe we should hear her out. We should just get all the information on the table per say then peace it together from that. We may all not know each other as of yet. In addition, it takes time to build trust. However, if it is fate, It will happen. That is what I go by and believe.” Rei said, as Usagi was being lead away by Haruka.

Everyone when to talking a bit more about different things, Rei then looked at the frustrated Mamoru. Should I even say anything to him, and would he even care? Has he forgotten what good friends we were? What happen to us? Rei want to say something positive to may help. However, before she could really muster the courage to say anything, Usagi come back to the couch and sat down She was looking rather strange and very flustered to Rei.

Rei looked at her very surprised. “What happened to you Odango? Did you have a heart attack or something? I knew you were a cry baby but never a scaredy cat.” Rei said with a grin on her face. Rei really concerned about how she looked when she come back. However, she could not miss the chance to pick with her, this was just perfect timing.

Then Setsuna come back with Hotaru Behind her with tea and treats. Setsuna then went to explaining the new situation at hand to everyone about finding Endymon's knights.

Rei then got up and when over to the table to get a cup of tea. “Is there anything you can tell us more about what the enemy is doing? Any clues perhaps, it will be a good way to figure out how to counter them until we can find the knights. I am sure that they will make this hard in some way for us to find the way to stop them. Because nothing is ever easy, and if it is easy it is usually a trap.”

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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby BrokenGirlSmile » 2011-Aug-11 [Thu] 11:03 pm

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It was a nice summers day not too hot and not too cold and the cicada's could be heard chirping from the trees that lined the store streets. Chibi Usa had been gazing along at the shops in the Juuban shopping center, when she saw the darkened Salon. The shop had given her the creeps from the moment she had seen it. Maybe I should tell the others about the creepy shop as soon as I get to Setsuna's place, Chibi Usa thought as she started to walk away. But why is it closed at this early in the afternoon... Chibi Usa began to wonder so she turned around and began to peak through the windows. It looked like a normal salon with chairs and counters and many salon products but it appeared empty. Chibi Usa had leaned forward to get a closer look when the door swung open on her and she fell flat on her face. "OWW!" Chibi Usa hollard as she sat up and began to dust herself off.

"If this place is closed than why didn't they lock the door?" Chibi Usa asked in an annoyed tone as she stood up and began to look around the Kawaii Beauty Salon.

She began spinning through racks of nail polish and gazing at all the high quality shampoo's and conditioners that the store had to offer when she heard a noise coming from the back of the store.

"Hello?" Chibi Usa shouted as she began to walk towards the basement.

Within a few moments two men, or so she thought, came rushing up the basement stairs, little did she know of how glad they were to be out of Perillia's presence.

"Um sorry did you not see that we are closed right now?" The one man with long black hair asked as he starred Chibi Usa.

"Well your door wasn't locked and um there wasn't a sign and I kind of feel in here so um yeah sorry about that." Chibi Usa said really fast to hide her embarrassment she could feel her whole face turning red her heart began to pound faster in her chest.

"Well since your here anyways can we offer you a complimentary hair styling and facial. Im Zack and this is Kuuya" Zack said as he turned one of the chairs to face Chibi Usa.

"Oh well I really shouldn't I have to go and meet my friends." Chibi Usa said as she even though she really did want to get a facial and it was free.

"We insist." Kuuya said as he guided her into the chair.

"Oh well okay." Chibi Usa gave in happily as she slumped into the chair.

This place was still giving her the creeps, but how could she pass up a free make over. Setsuna can wait, besides it wasn't like she was aware that I was coming anyways. Chibi Usa convinced herself as she let Kuuya and Zack chat about what they planned to do.

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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby Spynmaster » 2011-Aug-12 [Fri] 11:07 pm

OOC) *dusts off account* Alrighty! Thus begins Neph's slow and steady shift to his hero form. :D ~!nep

Nao had different dreams that night, involving scenes from a time he had never seen, yet it felt so familiar to him. He saw glimpses of Jadeite, Zoi, and Kun, and also that guy Mamoru, but in completely different clothes. There were also female figures, like the girls he had scene, especially...Setsuna...then came the previous visions from before, when he was with Setsuna...could they all tie in somehow?

Before he could delve any further, morning had shone on his face. He growled, not having been able to piece anything else from the dream. Sighing, he rose from his bed, realizing that he was hard from seeing the dream with Setsuna again. A cold shower would remedy this.

Nao knew that Peri was planning a fashion show, and the other Shitennou would take part as models. He was really growing tired of this masquerade. On the other hand, it was a good chance to show off how good he looked. Perhaps Setsuna would be in attendance. That gave him an idea. He got in his car and made his way to Setsuna's Boutique, hoping to see her inside as he walked in.
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby AquaGirlLove » 2011-Aug-13 [Sat] 1:07 am

OOC: Glad to be back on our new episode. Can't wait to hear Trapnest. ~!qp
“You have ruined the element of surprise! Now, we have even more Senshi after us,” scolded Perilia as Kunzite and Zoicite stood before their queen. Perilia sat upon an glowing amethyst throne of the Dark Kingdom in the basement of the Kawaii Beauty Salon. “What have you to say for yourselves?”

Just as the both of them attempted to explain, Perilia waved her hand and sent a tremendous shock of pain from their gifted earrings. The two immediately collapsed onto the floor, trembling and shaking. It was the first time, a long while, that the red headed woman had exerted an evil presence from within. The past week she had mellowed and even show signs of happiness, but the awakening of the Senshi and the awareness of Shitennou, not to mention almost being recognized by Senshi, was enough to give rise to anger and darkness that lurked in Perilia’s heart.

“Should you disappointment again,” she told her two servants as they got to their knees after recovering from the painful shock, “I will make your punishment much more severe. I expect you to serve with competence. Now, go and continue your tasks of collecting the life force that the Kingdom so needs.”

Standing up and bowing, the two answered to the affirmative and quickly left the presence of Queen Perilia.

Though the darkness embraced the red headed woman, Perilia’s heart began to soften. Yes, she was angry at the incompetence and stupidity of her servants. They had altered her plans. They changed the possible outcome of the world being ruled by her and living as she truly desired. However, she felt that so long as she had someone to love and someone who loved her, everything was not lost. The darkness felt and knew this of their servant queen, yet it was all part of the grand scheme of things.
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby CharmingDemon » 2011-Aug-15 [Mon] 2:35 am

OOC: Did this with LadyEarth on YIM as a joint post... (I'm "I_Am_the_Charming_Demon:" or sometimes sorrowful_demon) I hope I did ok for my first time on here, I've been rpging since 1998, but this is quite different for me... If you don't like it, let me know... this is the way I work best...
And I love Trapnest!!! ;D

BIC: Kunzite bowed, "My queen, I apologize, but," he smirked. "Our plan did not completely fail. He turned to Zoicite.

Kunzite was not one to let the queen's warnings affect him, he knew better than anyone that their plan had not failed completely. He turned to Zoicite as they left the throne room. "I grow tired of this...she thinks so little of us!"

Zoicite sighed as he followed Kunzite and as he did so, he smiled at his lover with so much bliss, and then he sighed softly, "I know love... shall I make you feel all better?"

Kunzite stopped his ranting, looking over his shoulder at him, he smiled. "Zoicite..."

Zoicite raised a brow teasingly, "Yes?" he asked meekly with a soft smile.

Kunzite chuckled, "Hmmm...nothing love." he winked before sighing. Truly what would he do without his Zoicite?

Zoicite walked over to Kunzite with a prowess of a hungry lion, he rubbed his hand against his lover's crotch as he licked his lips and thought about earlier, the taste of his lover was all he wanted and needed at times like this, to make Kunzite happy made him happy.

Kunzite captured Zoicite's lips with his own, deepening the kiss little by little, knowing how much he liked being kissed like this. His arms wrapping completely around him, pulling him closer still.

Zoicite hungrily kissed Kunzite back began to undo his lover's shirt, slowly, a bit tortuously.

Kunzite chuckled as he broke the kiss, "My, my but we are hungry are we not?"

Zoicite giggled, "I want a good look at my whole meal."

Kunzite caressed his cheek, "I am sorry love, but right now..." He sighed, "I'm pissed as hell...she treats us like...mere servants!"

He knew Kunzite was right, "Like pets." he agreed, but didn't stop undoing Kunzite's shirt, but went faster now, seeing his lover's mood hadn't changed... yet.

Kunzite smiled at Zoicite's antics, "Love, that's not going to work...Now the queen wants us to work on gaining energy...and you can bet she'll not be happy until we bring some."

Zoicite pouted at Kunzite, "Oh Kunzite... but I..." suddenly something strange began to happen. He felt dizzy and feverish, "K-Kunzite..." he fell to his knees as the good and evil didn't mix well within him. He held one hand out to his lover, whom he could no longer see as he closed his eyes, they burned and the room spun when they were open. The power was trying to escape this vessel, as his eyes opened again, against his will, they glowed like coals on a fire, the power trapped within him, there was no way for it to release, nowhere for it to go to... "It burns!" he cried.

Kunzite turned to Zoicite a little annoyed, but the instant he saw his beloved in such pain, he knelt down beside him, "Zoicite!" He gently caresses his face, "What is it? ...please...hold on. Control it. I know you can."

Zoicite tried to look at his lover, but all he could do was weep from the lack of the most beautiful vision he knew of and cry from the deep pain he was now having. Light and Dark can never mix in the same vessel, until one is cleansed of evil... "I'm trying love..." he gasped. "But it's like..." what was it like? He wondered, it burned in his eyes but his veins felt like they were on fire, his arms and legs felt like jello as he trembled. He sure as hell wasn't going to put all that worry on his lover's mind... "I ..need ..s-some ..wa-ter." he managed between gasps.

Kunzite held his hand, looked around, there was no one close, and what he last wanted, was to leave him here alone. "Okay, hold on." Kunzite picked him up gently, carried him to his own room where he kept a small jar. As he laid Zoicite on the bed, he then proceeded to fill the glass with water before handing it to his beloved. He waited until Zoicite had taken hold of it.

Zoicite trembled in Kunzite's arms, but he felt a little better like this, his trembling continued as he sipped from the jar, spilling the contents on himself more than he drank, but it did help a little. His breathing was ragged, but he finally managed to speak, "Thank you Kunzi..." he passed out, dropping the jar to the floor, the remaining contents left a small puddle there by the night stand, his body started to look as if it were on fire, but it wasn't...

Kunzite became shocked, worried, was this the power he'd taken? "Zoi..." he whispered holding him close, hoping against hope that he could some how take the pain away. His eyes closed. This was truly no life for them. But he'd see to it, that they escaped...they found a way to...to what?

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