Episode 3: Crimson Couture

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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby BrokenGirlSmile » 2012-Jan-14 [Sat] 1:49 am

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Chibi-Usa knew from the moment that she insulted Usagi in front of everyone she had probably embarrassed Setsuna-Chan and almost blown her cover. As her lunch arrived she ate it quietly and listened to the conversations of the others. They all appeared to be secretly conversing. As they conversed Chibi-Usa's mind wandered to her home in the future. She just knew that something bad must be happening she could just feel it in her heart.

"Hi.. Im Tomoe Hotaru...nice to meet you." Chibi Usa heared Hotaru say in a shy voice that appeared to be almost a whisper.

"Hotaru..." Chibi Usa smiled but quickly regained her composure. "It's very nice to meet you and it's nice to know there is someone my age I can talk to and be around. You should come to Setsuna-Chan's house so we can play and hang out sometime." Chibi-Usa smiled as she put her hand over Hotaru's.

Chibi-Usa always felt this warmth radiate through her whenever she was around Hotaru it made her feel less alone and she was suddenly glad that she had come back. It gave her the opportunity to meet her best friend all over again. Now if only I could get the rest of the senshi to be on my side. Chibi-Usa thought to herself as the waiter came around and asked if she would like any dessert.

"Oh an ice cream sundae please?" Chibi-Usa replied after she asked Setsuna-Chans permission.

Once the waiter left and returned with Chibi-Usa's ice cream sundae she dove into her sundae. This was the best meal she had had since she had landed in the past and Chibi-Usa wasn't about to waste any bite of it.

"So what is all going to happen with your fashion show Setsuna-Chan?" Chibi Usa asked she figured this question was relevant and it would also help her get to know what all the girls were going to be doing.

It wasn't until she was finally able to look around that she noticed Mamoru sitting next to Usagi. For a minute they looked exactly like her mother and father back home. But when she blinked she realized the youth in their faces. Regardless Chibi-Usa just wanted to crawl up into Mamoru's lap and have him hold her while Usagi stroked her hair. But this was all a daydream that Chibi-Usa quickly shook as Usagi continued to stuff her face with chocolates.

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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby grendachan » 2012-Feb-20 [Mon] 5:07 am

Hotaru was cheered up by the small girl's words..but even more so when they touched hands..it was as if a million years of love and sisterhood had joined them together at last, as if they were always meant to be by one another's side...fighting together...staying together...and smiling together... She sighed happily. "Chibi Usa....my friend..." ~!ss
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby Empressnightstar » 2012-Feb-23 [Thu] 3:43 am

"The show will be collection of fashions that I have designed while I was employed for someone else," Setsuna responded vaguely. She couldn't let the Senshi's cover slip in front of Chibi-Usa. The truth would be revealed...but not now. "Some of my friends will be modeling them for me. Trapnest will be playing at my show. They are a very popular group. I have reserved a seat for you, so you can see for yourself." Setsuna replied while she watched Chibi-usa eat her sundae.

She then handed Chibi-usa a Trapnest cd. "Why don't you go over to Hotaru's house and listen to this cd with her?" Setsuna told her afterwards.
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby BrokenGirlSmile » 2012-Feb-29 [Wed] 11:36 pm

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Chibi Usa smiled at Setusna's suggestion she darted over to Hotaru and smiled.

"Setsuna-Chan gave me this cd its for the band playing at the fashion show would you mind if we go to your place and listened to it maybe we could pretend we are J-Pop stars." Chibi Usa grinned as she held Hotaru's hands excitedly. "Plus it would be fun we could get to know each other better and play games and all kinds of fun stuff." Chibi Usa pressed on as she could barely contain her excitement.

All thoughts of the future and the current situation had escaped her mind as she realized her best friend was right here willing to play with her and be with her .

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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby TsukinoUsagi » 2012-Mar-04 [Sun] 9:17 pm

OOC: TIME CHANGE!! I apologize for the late time change. A lot of us have been busy with school, myself included! The day is TUESDAY, JULY 21. I recommend that most of us post about the triple date since so many characters are going on that. Remember, it's a dinner and bowling date. The participants are Minako, Ryu, Mamoru, Usagi, Ami, Ryo, Setsuna and Nao. Let me know if I left anyone out. The others are free to interact with each other and canvas the areas looking for clues. We'll have one more time change to Weds before the dress rehearsal on Thursday. Friday is the big show! Members are welcome to back track with their characters and the time as they see fit, e.g. even though it's Tuesday you can do thing from Monday and describe them in your posts.

One final reminder, the entire group was at Cafe Lolita, not a diner. Everyone gathered there for lunch, not for dinner. The breakfast meal too place with some of the Inner Senshi, and it was a 24 hour diner. They met up with everyone at the cafe after that. Just wanted to reiterate this since some people are calling it a diner and saying that they are getting dinner. Sorry for any confusions!

Finally, remember that Chibi-Usa is not supposed to know the Inner Senshi or Sailor Moon until Episode 4. So keep that in mind when talking Senshi business around her. I've edited a few posts here and there to correct some errors. Hope that was ok!

I'm off to eat some dinner, but I will come back later this evening to post as some of the Outer Senshi. I'll leave notes with some of the players to let them know that we are moving forward time wise. Thanks for your patience! ~!smi ~!tmr
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby TsukinoUsagi » 2012-Mar-05 [Mon] 12:50 am

Haruka and Michiru listened quietly as their friends drank coffee, ate pastries, and other tasty desserts at the small cafe. Haruka was especially pleased to see Hotaru and Chibi-Usa getting along so well.

'She needs a friend,' Haruka thought as she recalled the earlier moment when the young girl was sulking at the table before Chibi-Usa's arrival. 'She needs someone her own age that she can confide with...But maybe not too much...' Haruka wasn't sure how much Chibi-Usa was supposed to know about the Inner Senshi, and she desperately wished that Setsuna had considered meeting with just the Outer Senshi before springing the new addition to their group on everyone. 'Of course, Setsuna has always had a soft spot for the small princess, and she must surely know what she was doing...right...?' Haruka pulled on Michiru's arm gently and whispered in her ear: "Do you think that this is wise introducing Chibi-Usa to the everyone? What if we put her in danger? And what is she even doing here?"

"Oh, Haruka, stop worrying! I'm sure Setsuna will explain things in due time. You need to trust a little bit."

Haruka tried not to groan at Michiru's flippant attitude. Ever since her kiss with Usagi in the closet of Setsuna's apartment, Haruka had felt distance from her lover. She excused herself from the table to get a cup of water and cool down.

Michiru thought it was odd that Haruka stormed off like that, but she shrugged it off. Haruka was acting moody, but she didn't think it was moodier than usual. Michiru went back to the conversation right when Setsuna gave a Trapnest CD to the young girls to listen to that afternoon.

"I can watch them, Setsuna, if you are busy with fashion stuff."

Michiru was looking forward to spending time with the girls and getting away from Miss Cranky over there; Michiru rolled her eyes as she caught Haruka flirting with the young woman at the counter.

OOC: Jumping forward to Tuesday. I can backtrack if needed. :)

Haruka called Rei Tuesday afternoon.

"Hey, did you want some company searching for negative energy in the districts we were assigned to?"

Setsuna had given the coordinates for everyone's searches after Chibi-Usa and Hotaru had left Cafe Lolita. They were looking for suspicious activity and told not to engage with any enemies if they found some. The key was to lay low.

"Also, have you heard from Makoto lately? She was awfully quiet at the cafe the other day. Should we invite her along to search with us?

Michiru went up the front steps to Hotaru's place and knocked. She was hoping to spend more time with her and maybe even Chibi-Usa. She knew that Setsuna had a big date tonight with some of the Senshi, and she wanted to help out by watching the younger girls. Plus, Haruka was acting antsy lately. She wasn't behaving like her usual self, and it was frustrating for Michiru because she couldn't get her partner to communicate with her. She had tried all Monday night, but Haruka pushed Michiru further and further away.

'I wonder what is bothering her...'
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby BrokenGirlSmile » 2012-Mar-11 [Sun] 2:33 pm

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As they waited outside for someone to answer the door, Chibi Usa had begun to teach Hotaru a secret hand shake.

"Okay now we clap our hands together and than back and than you make a fist and you put it under and then on top of my fist and than we put them together and say YEAH! Its fun and once you get the hang out it it will be our secret handshake." Chibi Usa giggled as she watched Hotaru struggle to learn the hand shake.

Chibi Usa couldn't help but notice that Michiru seemed distracted and slightly sad. "Um Miss. Michiru are you okay? Does your tummy hurt from eating to much food? You seemed like you really enjoyed the food at the cafe you kept digging your fork into it as fast as possible." Chibi Usa asked innocently as she turned back to the door after hearing the sounds of the knob turn a lady with long red hair answered the door and turned to Hotaru before addressing Michiru and herself.

"Hotaru you know better than to bring friends her unannounced." The lady said as she reached her hand out to pull Hotaru inside.

Chibi Usa didn't know what to say or do as she hoped Michiru would say something.

"Um were Hotaru's friends.." Chibi Usa muttered lamely as she stood next to Hotaru taking her hand gently in order to comfort her.

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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby AquaGirlLove » 2012-Apr-23 [Mon] 4:57 pm

OOC: OMG!! It's been SO long! I am so sorry I haven't posted. Life has been weird with me. I hope everyone is doing well. I am temping Makoto at the moment, so if you would like her to be involved let me know. As for the Shitennou, you guys are working at the Salon, so feel free to do things there. Each of you has his own chair with customers. You are welcome to take breaks and lunch to do anything personal. By the way, welcome ChibaMitsurugi1979. ~!qp ~!sj ~!tmr
Makoto Kino pushed open the door to her apartment Tuesday morning as she carried two full, white, plastic grocery-bags through the threshold. She had taken an early run to the market to pick up a few ingredients she needed to bake some sweet delicious cupcakes she had dreamed all night long. It wasn't enough for her to just imagine having them; she literally needed to enjoy the taste of smooth sweet frosting and the soft sponge-like bread—chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. She couldn't make her mind at the store which one she wanted, so she bought the ingredients for all of them along with a 2-liter carton of milk. It just wouldn't taste the same without a glass of ice cold milk.

After placing the bags on the counter, she turned on her radio and moved the dial over to radio station that had been playing at the market. For some odd reason, the station had been playing her favorite songs all morning long. The music lifted her spirits, being that she would spend the day home alone. Maybe I will dash over to the arcade for some fun, thought as she placed the plastic bags in the recycling can she had next to the trash can.

She wasn't sure what to make of last night's informal meeting at Cafe Lolita. It was a big blur to her, which was unusual for Makoto. Hopefully Usagi could explain to her what actually happened, she told herself. No sooner did she finish the thought that she broke into a loud laugh. She realized she was having a sort-of Usagi-moment.

Perillia had a full house at the Kawaii Beauty Salon that Tuesday morning. Women and men came in and out of the establishment setting up appointments and purchasing their new offered hair products. Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, Kunzite, and Perillia had their chairs filled various customers from all over Tokyo. The popularity of the salon had become so great that Perillia almost forgot that she was working for the Dark Kingdom and not the people who paid her money for their services. All she could really think about was going back to her apartment, cuddling up next to her kitten, and taking a long nap.

Then the dreaded news burst Perillia's little escape bubble. “We are out of stock, Peri,” Jadeite spoke across from the cashier's desk.

“Take care of my customer,” the redheaded beauty replied, “I will check the stock room.”

She to the back of the store and down to the basement. The coolness emanating from the Dark Room was a relief to the warmth she had to endure with all those bodies flooding the salon. She knew it was only going to get worse. There was a fashion show at the end of the week, and the Kawaii Beauty Salon would be helping at the event.

Tapping into the Dark Kingdom's power and utilizing her magic, she created more supplies of the products. This should be enough, she thought as she reviewed the number boxes in front of her.

The Dark Kingdom had grown significantly strong from the way the products extracted the life force from its victims. Unlike other attempts, this new method did not have the same affect on the humans. Yes, the products drained the humans life force, but for some odd reason, they continued to consume more and more of the product while showing little to no weariness. Only time would tell if the products would have a lasting affect on the humans.

Return back up to salon floor, eager customers lined in front of Jadeite questioning him as to when a new shipment of the products would be in. No sooner did one woman see Peri bring up the boxes that all the women, and few self-conscious men, bolted towards the slender redhead and strip the products from the boxes.

“Should I...” Kunzite started to ask, but was hushed by Perillia's finger.

She knew what he was thinking, and the thought did cross her mind. Should she pull out a few cans of pepper spray to keep the crowd under control? If she wanted to control them, she could have easily used a stronger formula in her magic, so she allowed the public to get what they wanted. After all, Jadeite was the one who would be handling the cash register.
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby ChibaMitsurugi1979 » 2012-Apr-24 [Tue] 3:24 pm

OOC: Domo Arigato Aqua-San. I'm not really sure where to start, so I'll just skip ahead to Tuesday.

~!sve ~!sve ~!sve ~!sve ~!sve ~!sve ~!sve ~!sve ~!sve
IC: As she awoke Tuesday morning, she thought back to her and her friends' conversation at the cafe and their upcoming date. She threw off her covers and dashed over to her dresser to both get dressed for the day and choose what she would for the evening, which would obviously have to be something cute for Ryu. As soon as she got dressed, Artemis entered her room, watching her as she picked up her cell phone and debate over whether she should call Ryu or just head over to see him at work. She wouldn't want to get him in trouble, but she did need to find out if he were available for the group date.

"you still haven't checked with him yet?" Artemis asked.
"No, Not yet," She replied to her guardian cat.

Artemis made a face like he wasn't surprised and Minako responded by sticking her tongue out at him as she made up her to go the salon to invite him in person. She kissed her mom's cheek on the way out and sprinted to the Kawaii Beauty Salon. It took her awhile to get there, but when she did, she saw how busy and decided to enter and wait for Ryu to become free so she could talk with him and ask him about the group date.

~!sve ~!sve ~!sve ~!sve ~!sve ~!sve ~!sve ~!sve ~!sve ~!sve ~!sve

OOC: Hope this is alright for a first IC Post.
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Re: Episode 3: Crimson Couture

Postby TsukinoUsagi » 2012-Apr-24 [Tue] 6:50 pm

OOC: Loved the responses, everyone! So sorry for the delay. Wanted to say thanks to BrokenGirlSmile & AquaGirlLove for their responses. Also, welcome to our new member, Mitsu! Great first post! I know our Jadeite will love responding to it. I'll let him know that you posted. I had Haruka meet up with Rei, but our Rei-chan hasn't posted. I mentioned that Haruka, Rei, and Makoto could do something, Aqua. Why don't we have our characters meet up?
<"Um, Miss. Michiru are you okay? Does your tummy hurt from eating to much food? You seemed like you really enjoyed the food at the cafe you kept digging your fork into it as fast as possible.">

Michiru was surprised that Chibi-Usa had noticed that something was wrong. The young princess was staying with Setsuna, so she hadn't spent much time with her outside of the brief meeting on Monday at the cafe.

"Of course I am fine, Chibi-Usa. I had a whole day for the food to settle from <i>Cafe Lolita</i>. It was just nice visiting with everyone in one place."

It was a little odd to be keeping Chibi-Usa's real identity from the Inner Senshi, but she figured it was for the best. They had this new evil to find, and thus far, they had no luck with leads. Michiru was happy to take a day off to spend time with the two girls. She had secretly watched Chibi-Usa explain the hand shake to her new friend. The two were adorable. She had gone to Hotaru's home only to discover that Chibi-Usa was already there, having been dropped off in the morning by Setsuna. The group was beginning to leave when Hotaru said she had forgotten something. So, they had made their way back to the front steps. When Hotaru had tried to open the front door, it was mysteriously locked.

'This house is so strange. I get erratic vibes from it.'

Michiru was uncomfortable staying at the home longer than necessary, especially on top of the fight with Haruka that was bothering her.

'Maybe I should mention Hotaru's family to the group. Perhaps this is where Queen Perillia and the Shitennou are hiding. There is definitely some type of negative energy making me very uncomfortable.' Hotaru was also very upset. Only Chibi-Usa was unaffected. 'I wish I had my Deep Aqua Mirror. It would help me discover the truth here,' Michiru reflected.

Just then, a red-haired lady opened the door. She looked very upset at the group.

<"Hotaru, you know better than to bring friends here unannounced.">

She was about to pull Hotaru inside when Michiru stepped in front of the lady's reach. The woman's hand brushed against Michiru's arm. The negative feeling intensified a hundred fold. Michiru remained cool as she stepped out of the woman's grasp.

"I'm sorry, but the girls were playing here this morning. It was arranged that I would take them out for the afternoon, so I came here to pick them up. Perhaps Hotaru's father approved the play date but failed to inform you." Michiru's voice was very cold. "We were coming back because Hotaru forgot something, but I'm sure whatever it is she can do without. I promised the girls a fun Tuesday, and I'm not about to go back on my promise."

The woman looked like she was about to have a heart attack. Her face was turning as red as her hair.

'She must be really angry. Total control freak,' Michiru thought. 'Perhaps it's time that Setsuna, Haruka, and myself talk with Hotaru about moving in with us. After all, she is one of us. She belongs with the Outer Senshi. And this environment does not seem healthy at all.'

"Who do you think you are...Miss...Miss...Onamae wa nan desu ka? (What is your name?)!?!?" The red-haired lady spluttered.

"Kaioh Michiru desu (I am Michiru Kaioh)."

The woman's expression changed as she recognized Michiru's name. 'Must be a fan,' Michiru smiled softly as she came to this realization.

"Oaidekite koei desu (I am honored to meet you)! I am a fan of your music. I was at the concert where you performed Clair de Lune." The red-haired lady bowed.

Michiru's senses were heightened even more. 'Could she be working for Perillia? Did she help orchestrate the attack on me? But she does seem like a genuine fan. Maybe she is being used by the Dark Kingdom.'

Michiru quickly extracted the girls from the house as she waved and smiled. She promised to spend some time with the woman at a later date in exchange for permission to take the girls out now.

'I definitely need to schedule a meeting with the others about her. At least I have an update for everyone. Although, I hope I don't have to keep my 'date' with her. I can't imagine being in close quarters with her by myself. Maybe I should drag Haruka along to teach her a lesson for flirting with other women,' Michiru mused as she opened the car door for the girls.

"Who was that, Hotaru? She never introduced herself."
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