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T6 worth it?...or T5-U still Kicking A$$

PostPosted: 2014-Dec-31 [Wed] 2:47 pm
by Sektor
Just wondering on those who bought the Delta package or have got a T6 Ship, worth the extra zen or are you switching back to a T5-U due to T6 not impressing you anymore??

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I haven't got a T6, maybe soon for rom toon, but happy with T5-U ships so far

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Re: T6 worth it?...or T5-U still Kicking A$$

PostPosted: 2015-Jan-01 [Thu] 1:53 am
by AquaGirlLove
I was really considering buying the T6 pack, but at the moment, I really need to save money. From what I have seen from the PvPers at Ker'rat, the ships are worth having for the Starship Traits. Surgical Strike seems to be the BOFF ability that everyone uses with their intel ships. Yes, the T6 ships have a big advantage over all other ships when PvPing. When it comes to PvE, you can still do STFs and missions with a solid T4 build. Unless you really want to be OP (meaning you also want to have gold gear), T5-U is just as good a T6 when it comes to PvE. ~!tmr

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