EP0006: Galen IV

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EP0006: Galen IV

Postby AquaGirlLove » 2011-Aug-08 [Mon] 7:31 pm

OOC: Welcome to the first (sixth) episode of the USS Valkyrie RP. I know this RP has been long overdue for an episode to get us moving forward from all that has happened with Ariel and Alex. I have done my best to close all that has happened in the past (all previous 5 episodes). I have ignored all other attempted sixth episodes since none of them really went anywhere. I know this post is a very long one. I do not expect the others that follow to be nearly as long, but I felt that we needed to have some character background for some of the NPCs to help us get acquainted with the new crew. You are, all, welcome to use all of the new characters. If you are unsure about their history or how to role-play them, please let me know. I tried to be short and brief with game-mastering the dialog of our active role-players. Remember that active role-players can always add to the dialog to clarify anything. Again, if you have questions or concerns, please let me know. I really do hope this post will get us going and that we will build from here a great role-play. Anyway, on with the show! Thank you for all your support. Enjoy! :)
“Where did Mars Base say she transported herself to, Lt. Commander?”

“Somewhere in the Vastitas Borealis, Ensign,” replied a tan-skinned dark-haired man wearing a red Starfleet uniform as he sat at the helm of the type-7 shuttlecraft.

“Commander Delgado must be one of those adventure types,” said the younger looking man sitting to the left of the Commander. “I hope I don't have to use my phaser on him.”

“I don't think we will have any issues with the Commander, Ensign.”

“If that's the case, then why am I here?” The younger officer wearing a gold Starfleet uniform asked as he turned and looked at the pilot.

Just as the Lt. Commander was about to respond, a beeping sound alerted the two.

“Looks like we found the Commander, Ensign.”

Reading the display, the blonde-haired young man reported, “It looks like he's on some type of two-wheel craft some hundreds of kilometers to north-west.”

“Yeah, that sounds like Commander Delgado. Laying in a course.”

“Wouldn't it be better to transport the Commander from this location rather than go over towards him?” asked the Security Officer.

“Sometimes,” replied the tan-skinned pilot, “it's best to see things in person.” He smiled as he touched the various sections of the flight control panel while the Ensign expressed a confused look on his light-skinned face.

Large amounts of red dust rose into the dense carbon-dioxide air from the hind wheel of a black motorcycle that sped through the vast Martian desert of the Vastitas Borealis. On the black motorbike rode a being in a black leather-type body suit, covered with a glossy black helmet—protecting the rider from the Sun, the poisonous atmosphere of the red planet, and its harsh elements. The electronic display on the motorbike had clocked the bike at 194 km/h. Unlike earlier predecessors, the black motorcycle made little to no noise as it raced across the flat terrain.

“There he is, Lt. Commander!” the blonde-haired Security Officer pointed out.

“I hope you're up for a little fun, Ensign,” the tan-skinned pilot smirked.

“Fun?” gulped the young man.

No sooner after the Ensign replied that the shuttlecraft made a quick descent to location of the black rider, pulling along side of the motorbike and matching its speed. Coming into the rider's view, the Commander quickly looked at the Starfleet type-7 shuttlecraft.

So you want to have some fun, the Commander thought. Okay, I'm game. Adjusting the handle controls, the black motorcycle began to speed ahead of the Laura Croft.

“Looks like the Commander is up for some fun, Ensign,” said the Lt. Commander as he saw the black motorbike speed ahead.

“I'm not sure this a good idea, Sir.” The young blonde-haired man said as he too watched the Commander move ahead of the shuttle. “We should just beam the Commander aboard and return back to base.”

“We will,” said the dark-haired officer, “but after we've had some fun.” He winked and smiled at his passenger as he began to match speeds with the shiny metallic black bike.

Seeing the shuttlecraft approaching and beginning to match the bike's velocity, Commander Delgado readjusted alignment and revved the bike. The bike's display went from 250 km/h to 300 km/h, raising the red dust raised kilometers into the Martian air. Still the Laura Coft matched the bike's speed as the two raced across the Vastitas Borealis.

“Lt. Commander, there's a 5-kilometer drop approaching the Commander,” alerted the young Ensign.

“Okay, okay...” answered the command officer. “Lock on to the Commander, disable her vehicle, and beam her aboard.”

“Aye, Sir.”

“Returning to base, Ensign.”

Within seconds, the shiny metallic black bike and its rider appeared in the cargo section of the type-7 shuttlecraft. Taking some precaution, the Security Officer pulled out his phaser and watched the Commander dismount from the motorcycle. To his surprise, as Delgado removed the black helmet, the Ensign got his first glimpse of a long dark-haired tan-skinned that he and the pilot had called Commander.

“You're a woman!?”

The Lt. Commander chuckled as Delgado answered back, “Do you see a dick between my legs, Ensign?”

Looking towards the crotch area of her tightly fitted leather-type bodysuit, the young blonde said, “No, Ma'am.”

“Where do you fuckers come from?”

“Easy there, Laci,” the dark-haired tan-skinned pilot said. “He is the one with a phaser.”

“For now...” the tall slender woman replied.

“Ensign Miller, Commander Laci Delgado.”

“Laci, Ensign Miller.”

“Paul,” said Laci Delgao. As she took a step toward the forward area, the young Ensign began to point the hand-held phaser towards the Commander.

“Sorry, Ma'am, but you're going to have to stay right there.”

“What the hell does he mean, Paul?”

“The captain thought it would be a helpful to have a Security Officer accompany me in bringing you back to the ship,” replied the Lt. Commander. “He knows how desperate you were to get shore leave this time around.”

“Ackerman gave me his word that I would have two weeks to myself. It's barely the second day for God's sake!”

“Ensign Miller, you can put away your phaser.”

“Are you sure about this?” the blonde-haired young man looked at the fierce agitated Commander's face.

“Yes, I'm sure,” said Paul. Redirecting himself to Laci as the Ensign placed his phaser back into his holster, he said, “I think you might want to sit up here, Lace.”

She hadn't heard him call her that in over six years—the last time they had slept together. Her heart began to pound as she walked over to the seat where Ensign Miller has sat only a few minutes earlier. Though she could see the surface of the red planet shrink as they began to fly towards space, it was Paul's body that she was focused towards.

As she sat on the passenger seat, she asked in a softer tone, “What is it, Paul?”

After placing the ship on autopilot, Paul faced his former lover and said, “Captain Ackerman received a message from Starfleet Command, from Vice Admiral Catherine Janeway, this morning.”

Ensign Miller saw a confused look on Commander Delgado's face as he listened in on the conversation.

“You have been reassigned to a new ship and must report to Starfleet Headquarters by 0900 tomorrow morning.”

Exhaling a sigh of relief, Laci replied, “That's terrific. That's good news. Why the whole 'Lace' thing?”

Paul took her hand and said, “You've been promoted to Captain.”

For the longest time, Laci had been wanting to leave the U.S.S. Carolina. The small size of the Centaur-class starship, the Acting-Captain responsibilities, and modifications to convert the ship into a more scientific vessel had taken its toll on her. Though she liked Captain David Ackerman as friend, she had grown tired of him not taking responsibility. She had considered, on many occasions, to request that this older captain be reassigned to something more suiting toward his age and behavior, but she never did.

“Captain?” She said with a puzzled facial and tonal expression.

“You are being given command of Sovereign-class vessel.”

“No, no, no, no, no! I will not take this. I refuse. I am happy where I am.”

“You're not, Lace. When was the last time you were truly happy on the Carolina?”

“I just don't need more stress in my life right now, Paul. I just don't need it. I'm tired.”

“It's not a consideration, Lace, and it's not a request. It's a direct command from Vice Admiral Janeway.”

Looking down and softly shaking her head from side to side, the tan-skinned woman said, “I will refuse. I will say, 'I'm sick. I'm not fit for command.' I can't do it, Paul.”

“This is what you've waited for all this time. This is what you used to tell me, night after night. 'I want a ship of my own. I want to make a difference in the Federation. I want to be the best Starfleet Officer I can be.'”

“The work, the stress, the drama...it's just too much, Paul.”

“Who the hell do you think you are!?” a masculine voice came from the cargo area of the shuttlecraft. “Many people have dreamed of getting the chance you are being given. Many people have died trying to show they are worthy for such an opportunity, and all you do is sit there and say, 'I can't because of this. I can't because of that.' What kind of Commander are you!?”

“That's enough, Ensign!”

“I forgot, the no pair kind.”

“I said, 'That's enough, Ensign!'”

Laci looked at the blonde-haired young man. She could see his disgust with her. “You lost someone, didn't you, Ensign Miller?”

“You're damn right I lost someone! My dad died at Wolf359 to protect my family from the Borg. He could have been a great leader in Starfleet. Now, he's dead, but I am as sure as hell going to do my best to make him and my family proud by being the best Starfleet Officer I can be.”

Silence filled the internal hull of the shuttlecraft as it began to approach the docked Carolina. Paul turned back towards the flight console and began to make preparations for the Laura Croft to return to the Carolina's shuttle bay.

“Ensign Miller,” Laci broke the silence as she looked directly at the young man, “I too strive to be the best Starfleet Officer that I can be. I'm not perfect. I get tired like anyone else does, and I had hoped to take some time off to relieve all this stress I have been under for the past year. I...”

“It's okay, Lace,” Paul stepped in. “I kind of had a feeling it was going to go down this way.”

“No worries, Laci,” the young blonde-haired man said. “We're still friends.”

Laci looked at the Ensign again and recognized who he was, “Thomas?”

“It took her awhile, Paul.”

“But you're...”

“...always around when you needed me,” Thomas answered, “or at least I try to be.”

“Looks like we have arrived, Lace,” said Paul. “We have to go now. Just remember this...”

“...we both loved you,” added Thomas, “whether we declared it or not.”

A continuous chirping sound echoed within the type-7 shuttlecraft.

“You'd better answer that, Lace,” said Paul.

“It might be important,” added Thomas.

Laci pressed a glowing white button on the shuttlecraft's control panel and woke up in her bed sitting upright in the dark.

The chirping sound of the communication system in her quarters did not stop. Laci was a little disoriented from snap out of her dream so quickly. It felt like she had been in a different world and a different time where Paul and Thomas were still alive. Now, she was back to reality—her time, her place. She was a captain. She was aboard a Sovereign-class starship called the U.S.S. Valkyrie.

“Yes,” she spoke back to the chirping sound, which immediately stopped.

“Sorry to wake you, Captain,” a female voice vibrated through the internal speakers in her quarters. “You asked to be notified when we have arrived in the Galen System. We are now reaching the outer boundaries of the system.”

“How long until we reach Galen IV?”

“Approximately 90 minutes, Captain.”

“Set a course to Galen IV and establish standard orbit around the planet. Also, have the science department begin preliminary scans of the planet for possible colony sites.”

“Aye, Captain.”

“Delgado, out.”

“The Laura Croft...”

Laci spent the first half of her morning hours exercising. First, she warmed her body up with a twenty minute Pilates workout she had learned while taking dance courses at the Academy. She even performed a few routines on stage as part of her course work, which required her to be knowledgeable about the Pilates technique to help keep her body performance ready. It wasn't until her transfer to the U.S.S. Carolina that she began to add yoga to her morning exercise routine, which she did for thirty minutes each day. In essence, it helped clear her mind to manage the stress she would encounter throughout the day as well as keep her centered and focused in her role as captain.

A quick shower and breakfast followed her morning exercise routine. Though she enjoyed spending time in shower, she preferred spending alone time in a bubbled bathtub with aromatic candles flickering off light all around the room. Breakfast consisted of simple breads or cereals with a couple of cups of peppermint tea. Occasionally, she would prepare Mexican hot chocolate called champurrado.

This morning, she sat at her table eating a bagel, sipping peppermint tea, and reading the old logs of the previous captains of the Valkyrie. Though Janeway did explain some things to her concerning the Valkyrie, primarily it being the first all-female ship, she did not go into too much detail of the Valkyrie's past, which left the Laci curious as to had happened. She was informed that two of the original crew members would remain aboard the ship: Commander Brizlay and Lt. Commander Rogue. From her readings of the logs, Delgado found out that the Valkyrie had originally been given to an Ariel Trueheart who had been presumed to have been killed aboard a Romulan ship, but in some twist of fate, survived and returned to Starfleet. According to current Starfleet database records, she found out that all information regarding Captain Trueheart had become classified and sealed. Trueheart and her daughter's whereabouts were unknown. Two women who had impersonated Vice Admiral Janeway and claimed to be from a parallel universe disappeared from the ship and ships logs. Maria Olivo had been transferred to a rogue/recaptured starship called the U.S.S. Firebird, which was commanded by the once Chief Engineer of the Valkyrie. Current Starfleet records showed that Captain Vel Qua and her crew were exonerated from any wrong doing, and she was allowed to remain as captain of the that Defiant-class starship. Captain Kendra Varas had been reassigned to Starfleet's Research and Development Division to aid in the investigation of EM design flaws that had allowed it to take control of the Valkyrie. While the ship was stripped of EM and brought back to Starfleet code, the rest of the crew were reassigned to various ships and departments within Starfleet.

Another chirping sound disrupted Laci's morning meal. This time, quick to answer, she said, “Yes.”

“We are now ready to begin standard orbit, Captain,” a female voice said.

“I'm on my way. Delgado, out.” With that, Laci stood up from the table, took one last sip of peppermint tea, and walked out of her quarters leaving the Valkyrie's old data logs behind.

Exiting the turbolift, Laci Delgado found herself at port-side of the nerve center of the Sovereign-class starship—the bridge. In comparison to the Carolina's, which had more of a resemblance to an Excelsior-class bridge, the Valkyrie's more space and positions allowed. The Valkyrie's bridge had at least 15 seated position with a few additional standing ones. The bridge and undergone a transformation back at the Utopia Shipyards as EM had been removed. Starfleet Command had the ship meet the standard specifications of all other Sovereign-class starships, which included a remodeling of the bridge. The design resembled closely to that of the U.S.S. Enterprise-E with the exception of the captain's ready room being placed on the port-side of the rather than on the starboard.

“Captain on the bridge,” said a dark-skinned woman wearing a gold Starfleet uniform said from the operations management post in a firm strong voice. Her name was Lieutenant Nia Hensley the Assistant Chief Operations Officer who, like all the other females aboard the ship, had been recently transferred to the Valkyrie.

Though Laci liked the respect she received from Lt. Hensley, she felt as though Nia over did herself to set herself apart from the rest. The Lt. always a heard to Starfleet protocol, especially when it came to her uniform. She never had a blemish nor a scuff. Her pipps were always placed in the exact location specified by the officer's manual. In addition to her uniform, her near immaculate groom also caught Laci's attention. If she wanted a model Starfleet Officer, Nia Hensley was it.

“What's our status?” Captain Delgado asked her crew.

A blue-skinned female with two antennas protruding from her forehead answered in a tender tone, “We are in standard orbit above Galen IV.” Piloting the starship from the Conn was Lt. Kalah, an Andorian female who had left Andoria when she was young to join Starfleet and help better the Federation. From Laci's encounters with Lt., she found that Kalah had core idealistic views of helping others and bringing peace to the all.

“I have begun to take preliminary readings of the planet's surface and review previous data for possible location sites for the colonist,” said S'Lora, Assistant Chief Science Officer in her monotone-like voice. “As soon I am done, I will report my findings.” Lt. S'Lora, like most other Vulcans, stuck the field of Science when she attended the Academy and served as a Science Officer aboard her previous assignments. She was logical, thorough, and to the point. She mostly kept to herself and had little interaction with the crew outside of her function as a Science Officer, which made Delgado wonder if there was more to her or if that was the Vulcan way.

“I would appreciate that Miss S'Lora,” said Laci as she walked over to her command chair.

From the starboard entrance of the turbolift, the previous member of the original crew of the Valkyrie boarded the bridge. Commander Katie Brizlay had been one of the two women to remain aboard the vessel to help Delgado become familiar with the Sovereign-class starship since it had been bigger than any of her previous assignments. Janeway had felt the need for an experienced officer on board. “I apologize for being late. Dr. Rogue requested my assistance in sickbay,” said the brown-haired XO as she walked to the First Officer's Chair, which sat to the right of the captain's command chair.

“That's quite alright, Miss Brizlay,” replied Delgado. “Lt. S'Lora was beginning scans of the planet's surface.”

“Any word on the Talarians?” Brizlay asked.

“There have been no sign of their presence in the sector, but I am certain they are monitoring ours,” answered Lt. M'Ran, Assistant Chief Security and Tactical Officer. Her blonde-orange white fur and cat-like ears made her stand out from the rest of the Valkyrie crew. She was Caitian, but she was also very knowledgeable about weapons systems and combat, though she lacked the experience. Since her boarding, she had found numerous vulnerabilities within the ship's defensive design and discussed modifications with Assistant Chief Engineer Lt. Commnader Atlana Ktave, one of two Ktarian females aboard the ship.

“Keep us informed of any changes, Lt.,” said Brizlay.

“Aye, Ma'am,” replied M'Ran.

“Miss Brizlay, you have the bridge, I will be in my ready room. Alert me when the results are in,” said Laci as she stood up and walked towards the doorway to her ready room.

“Yes, Captain,” answered the XO.

The décor to the captain's ready room had a similar feel to that of other Sovereign-class starships, yet a sofa had replaced two chairs that originally were placed against the wall. Only one chair was placed opposite the captain's at the captain's desk. Laci had opted to remove the aquarium that had become part of the normal décor since the Galaxy-class; she believed that life wasn't meant to be locked away in a tank or cage, but rather to live in the vastness of its environment.

From the viewport in her ready room, Delgado gazed at the blue and green textures of uninhabited planet. She could make out three distinct continents covered with white atmospheric clouds, similar to what Earth look liked from the moon. In some regions, she could see shades of brown and gray—deserts of the planet. She could see why the original colonist chose to live and study there. It could be home, she thought. However, this home needed to be safeguarded—dependable in the event the Talarians felt a need to make their presence known. After in-taking the view of her first assignment, Laci walked over to her desk, sat on her reclining clothed chair, opened her laptop-like console, and began her log entry.

Captain's Log, Stardate 57704.2

It has been a little over a month since our departure from the Utopia Shipyards back in the Sol System. The nearly entire new crew has had to learn to adjust to their new ship and new colleagues. It hasn't been as difficult as some may have suspected among a ship filled entirely with females, but there have been a few small incidents that have had to be dealt with, primarily among the enlisted personnel. Lt. M'Ran has made sure that these type of incidents are dealt with swiftly as to avoid any further issues that could erupt.

Our arrival in the Galen System and Galen IV has been a quiet one. The Talarians have not show any hostility or presence in the area even though they have been made aware that the Federation will be recolonizing the planet for scientific research. My guess is that the
Valkyrie may be a little more intimidating especially after the rumors of successful battles the Sovereign-class starships have had since their construction. In any case, I have the crew keeping an eye out for them.

What has been an interesting topic of discussion among Commander Brizlay, Dr. Rogue, and I has been the lack of higher ranking officers on such a big ship. I am not quite sure why that is. The only explanation Vice Admiral Janeway gave me was that other ships needed female personnel aboard their ships. I get the feeling that Starfleet Command was not very enthusiastic or supportive to the idea, especially since the previous incidents under Captain Trueheart and Captain Varas. Though I hope we do get more senior personnel, I have confidence in those women who are currently serving aboard the ship.

End Log

Just as Delgado was about to review Lt. Cmdr Ktave's latest modifications, a chirping sound echoed throughout the captain's ready room.


“Lt. S'Lora has just finished her scans and has a few probable location sites,” said Brizlay through the intercom.

“Have her, Lt. Cmdr Ktave, Lt. M'Ran, Lt. Hensley, you, and Dr. Rogue meet me in the conference room for the briefing,” said Delgado as she sat in her ready room.

“Will do,” answered Brizlay.

Laci stood up, walked over to the viewport, and took another glance at the Galen IV. I'm sorry, Paul, she thought to herself. I don't think it could have been any other way. Tom knew that from the get go. And here I am—captain, finally, of my own ship. Despite it all, I think the two of you would have been proud of me. At least, that's what Captain Ackerman said before I left. At least, that's what he said.
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Re: EP0006: Galen IV

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OCC: Great post, happy to be back, hope u like my post. Btw Commander Brizlay hair color is red/black stripped not brown, sorry for not clearing it up earlier.

As usual the mornings seem to come very early for the young first officer, the computer acting as an alarm woke her from her sound sleep. Turning over as it goes off, suddenly falling out of bed landing on the floor with a thud.

“oww one of these days,” she mumbles to herself as she lays there for a moment as she wakes up, sitting up and stretching as the blankets fall into her lap.

“Computer lights, low lights.” she quickly states remembering the computers uncanny translation of turning the lights to max. Slowly standing, bending over picking up the bedding and placing it back on the bed, before heading into the main room of her quarters.

“Coffee, black,” a soft hum as a cup of coffee materializes in the replicator as she passes it, hooking her finger in the mug as she goes past. Moving to the windows looking out them as she lifts the mug for the first sip, closing her eyes as she takes in the wonderful aroma of the coffee, then savoring the taste of it.

After letting her mind wander a while she turned and headed back into the bedroom, slipping on her uniform, making sure all her pips were exactly where they were suppose to be, cause if they weren’t she knew that Lt. Hensley would be sure to point it out. Looking at the time Katie quickly pulled her hair back into a low pony tail, making sure it met regulation as she headed out of her quarters and to the turbo lift.

“Sick bay,” she stated as the doors of the lift closed, being the last two original crew members left on the ship Katie had made a habit of visiting the good doctor at least 3 times a week for breakfast.

Many things had changed since she was transferred to the Valkyrie as a simple helm officer. She had been promoted to XO under the last captain, she had expected to be replaced with the change of command but to her surprise Admiral Janeway left her onboard to help the new captain learn the ship. Originally annoyed with the though that she was just being used as a glorified tour guide to a Sovereign class star ship, she soon realized that it meant more then that. She was still the XO and with all the new crew onboard her experience is the exact reason she was still onboard, if the ship was going to be useful to Starfleet then it needed experienced officers.

As the turbo lift doors opened Katie made her way to sick bay, stepping in seeing the doctor sitting at her desk.

“How are you this fine morning doctor?”

Lt. Commander Rogue looked up from her desk with a smile as Katie sat down. The normal morning talks was a catch up time for both officers, a time to catch up on the news with the new crew members and their current mission, which was going very smoothly and surprisingly easy after all that had gone on in the past.
It wasn’t long before a chirp interrupted them though,

“Yes?” she said.

“Commander we are beginning standard orbit around Galen IV,” a female voice said.

“On my way,” Katie said tapping her comm badge as she stood, “Sorry you will have to excuse me.”

Stepping out of sick bay and heading for the turbo lift, she knew the captain would beat her to the bridge given the distance to travel. Stepping into a turbo lift, “Bridge”

Stepping out of the starboard turbo lift onto the bridge, “I apologize for being late. Dr. Rogue requested my assistance in sickbay.” She said as she moves over to her seat next to the captain, her fingers moving over the control panel there reading over the status report to catch up on what she had missed.

Hearing that Lt. S'Lora was beginning scans she asked, “Any word yet on the Talarians?”

“Aye, Ma'am,” replied M'Ran.

“Miss Brizlay, you have the bridge, I will be in my ready room. Alert me when the results are in,” the captain said as she stood up and walked towards the doorway to her ready room.

“Yes, Captain,” Brizlay said.

Hearing the door hiss shut she stood and moved around to the science station, standing next to Lt. S’Lora. “What have you found?”

“There are several locations that would be suitable for the colonists,” the Lt. said pointing to several spots on the map of the planet surface.

Studding the map and the locations as the Lt. pointed them out Katie tapped her comm badge, hearing the captain’s yes?

“Lt. S'Lora has just finished her scans and has a few probable location sites.”

“Have her, Lt. Cmdr Ktave, Lt. M'Ran, Lt. Hensley, you, and Dr. Rogue meet me in the conference room for the briefing,” the Captain said over the intercom.

“Will do.” with that she tapped her comm badge again to open channel to the required badges.

“Please report to the conference room immediately.” she said, then turned and headed to the conference room herself.
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Re: EP0006: Galen IV

Postby PrincessSerenity » 2011-Aug-09 [Tue] 3:51 am

OOC: Excellent posts you two! I really enjoyed them! I'm happy to be back and posting for The Valkyrie. I'll be updating Xela Rogue's data soon; I need to collect my files from the NOVA site. Since we got rid of the Arcadian Coalition story line, I want to fix her background history more. Once Vel approves the final changes, I'll send you a copy of her character data, Jinx. That or I will post it somewhere, like on the Wiki or the IMVU group. For now, I put the old one in the IMVU group.
Xela Rogue was up early. Sometimes she had good nights, and sometimes she had bad nights. Last night was a bad one. It wasn't because of any nightmare or because she was thinking too much. No. It was because she couldn't quiet her mind from picking up others' conversations and thoughts. She was one of the few Bandi peoples with both empathic and telepathic capabilities. It was a blessing when trying to win card games. It was a curse when trying to sleep. She had thought about insulating her room with some special material that would muffle mind noises, but she would have to get the changes to the ship's infrastructure approved by both her new Captain, Laci Delgado, and the security officer, Lt M'Ran. And to be perfectly honest, this wasn't an important issue anyone should be worrying about. They had their mission. They were moving forward. Xela could handle a couple of sleepless nights here and there.

Returning to her medical logs, she finished up a report about one of her patients.

In the end, it turned out that Ensign Sierra McCormick's rash was nothing more than a skin irritation from some recently purchased beauty products. I concocted an anti-inflammatory and anti-itch salve using some aloe. Within a week, she should be back to normal.

End log.

Xela finished her report just in time as Commander Brizlay entered her office.

“How are you this fine morning, doctor?”

Xela smiled as Katie sat down in front of her desk. Their morning talks and breakfasts had become a special time for the pair since they were the only officers to remain from The Valkyrie's previous crew. Xela hadn't really been upset to loose anyone from that ship other than Captain Varas. She had felt that Kendra needed a counselor more than a friend, and Xela had hoped to break down the woman's resistance, maybe make a difference. That dream had been short-lived, though. The rest of the crew, well, Xela felt they were expendable, especially Maria Olivo. She had caused nothing but problems, and Xela felt sorry for any captain that had to deal with that firecracker. To be perfectly honest, the new crew was perfect, albeit Xela was still a little unsure of Captain Delgado. The best way to describe her was...different. Xela hadn't bonded enough with her new captain. She would have to remember to make more time for that once they completed this mission, which it looked like they would do sooner than expected.

"The usual, Commander?"

"Of course," her friend responded. Xela smiled, went to the replicator, and got a steaming cup of black coffee for the commander. Katie loved her caffeine fix. For herself, Xela requested green tea. She would get their breakfast after they had spoken for a little bit.

"Can you believe how smoothly and surprisingly easy our mission is going? I never believed The Valkyrie could run like it does. All the ship needed was the right captain."

Xela sipped at her tea and nodded in agreement. "I was just thinking the same thing," she replied. As a matter of courtesy, Xela didn't read peoples' thoughts unless expressly given permission or if she was commanded to do so by another officer. Still, she could feel peoples' emotions. This was more difficult to control. Katie was having a good morning today, mayhap a good night's rest or a date? Xela was curious, but she didn't feel compelled to change the conversation just yet.

"Maybe it is a combination of the right captain and the right crew," Xela commented.

"Are you still unsure of Captain Delgado, Xela?"

"It's more a feeling...like she's hiding something. I don't like secrets."

Katie sighed. "Xela...we've gone over this before. Everyone has secrets. Even among your own people you were..." Katie trailed off.

"...different," Xela finished. She knew Katie was right. There was something odd about her, even among the empaths and telepaths she had once known. The idea of melding herself to another being, baring her soul to someone because she trusted them that much, well, it was a dream. And it would probably remain a dream. Xela was no closer to establishing any type of a relationship. Twenty. Single. And, even more embarrassing, she had never been kissed. Emotionless and detached. That was what most assumed about Xela. Very few people knew her otherwise, and one of them was sitting right in front of Xela.

"No need for an apology," Xela waved her hand as she got up to retrieve their breakfast. She had unknowingly read Katie's thoughts-- Katie had been feeling bad for the crass way she had expressed the last statement.

"Did you want the usual breakfast too, Katie?"

Before her friend could answer, a chirp interrupted them.

“Commander, we are beginning standard orbit around Galen IV,” a female voice said.

“On my way,” Katie said tapping her comm badge as she stood, “Sorry, you will have to excuse me.”

Xela nodded goodbye to Katie and proceeded to get her own breakfast. She ordered her usual: scrambled eggs and soy bacon. She sat at her desk and ate in a comfortable silence. A few of her personnel stepped in to ask some questions, including Head Nurse Lt Nicole Fernandez, but for the most part, she enjoyed a little quiet time to herself.

One of the aspects that Xela liked most about the new crew was the inclusion of Betazoids. It was very enjoyable having Lt Keanna Grei and Ensign Yesi Ri around. For once, she was working with people who understood her own unique gifts. In fact, they enjoyed conversations among themselves that required very little speaking. It was refreshing to have such a bond with others. Still, Xela was...different, as Katie put it. Her powers had developed as a freak accident of nature, and her peoples had cultivated it to a special potency. She could read and feel more than most other species that were similar to herself. Adding to Xela's "gifts" was her own unique chemistry and personality. She had known little love from her family and peoples. In fact, Xela was banished from their society at the tender age of sixteen for refusing to keep the Bandi's interests her main focus. She had a high sense of morality that surprised most people, and at the same time, she was such an innocent.

'Interesting that I am described as different and that is the same term I associate and use to describe my captain...'

Xela felt like she was about to make an important connection, but her thoughts were interrupted by Katie's voice:

“Please report to the conference room immediately.”

"Yes, Commander."

Xela quickly disposed of her leftovers and made her way to the conference room.

'They must have finished their scans,' she thought as she entered the room. Everyone else was already there. Xela didn't murmur an apology for being the last one to arrive although she felt compelled to utter one for some reason. Instead, she calmly and quietly took a seat to await the findings.
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