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    "Because you know that life ain't over yet, I'm here for you so don't forget, you can count on me cause’ I will carry you till you carry on..." Welcome to the Firebird Fleet—the Star Trek Firebird Universe. Come and join us!
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  • News
    Contains important updates from the owner, offices, or members of Usagi's RPG Universe.
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    "In the name of the Moon..." Usagi's RPG Universe continues the Sailor Moon fantasy by creating new adventures for the Sailor Senshi. If you like anime, Sailor Moon, or want to experience a new type of role playing, come join us!
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  • Usagi's RPG Universe Application
    If you are interested in joining Usagi's RPG Universe, please fill out the application in this forum in the Application thread.
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  • Rules
    Contains the role playing rules of Usagi's RPG Universe. All new members should read these rules before she or he applies for a character. Once accepted, you will be asked to formally agree to the rules. The newest version of the rules will always be the most recent post.
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  • Resources
    Resources if a forum that contains the link to the official Usagi's RPG Universe website. Any additional resources members want to add to the website should be posted in this forum.
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  • The Archive
    The Archive is a forum dedicated to the saving and storing of Usagi's RPG Universe in a variety of formats. The archive also contains Usagi's RPG Universe Posters and other special files.
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